Domingo German: A Zero of a Pitcher

Samuel Stringer/Icon Sportswire

After apologizing to the Yankees, the Steinbrenner family, those around me who love me, but not to his victim, who happens to be girlfriend, Yankees pitcher Domingo German went back to his business of preparing for the 2021 season. Now that the Yankees have forced the abuser, who they employ, to issue a lame “I’m sorry” statement, they need to strip the number 55 off of his back.

Equipment manager Rob Cucuzza needs to issue the number 0 to German. The number was worn by pitcher Adam Ottavino, who wore it to signify the initial of his surname. He was traded to the Boston Red Sox during the off-season making the number 0 available for German to wear. In German’s case the number would represent what he is, a zero!

In their storied history the Yankees franchise puts a great value on uniformed numbers. They have retired a total of twenty one of them. A notable respected Yankee who donned number 55 was Hideki Matsui. The Japanese import represented what “Yankee Pride” was all about. To have German wear that number is a good enough reason to start another Pearl Harbor. Cucuzza needs to grab the 55 jersey off German’s back immediately and issue him the 0 that he is.

It’s time to bring some sanity back to the Bronx and wearing the number 0 would be equivalent to placing a dunce cap on German.

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