Football’s Man of Steel Finally Silenced His Doubters

What Tom Brady did in Super Bowl LV is unprecedented.


To take a team to a Super Bowl in your first year at age 43 — not your typical 43-year-old athlete — is basically unconscionable.


Love or hate him, you have to respect Brady.


He isn’t faster than a speeding bullet, can’t leap tall buildings, or isn’t more powerful than a locomotive, but Brady is football’s Superman.

Brady looked more like a 33-year-old in the Super Bowl with his pinpoint passes and calm demeanor. It was vintage Brady, who when given time can carve up any team like a chef with a meat dish in a five-star restaurant.


You were fortunate to witness a groundbreaking and historical moment in the NFL and everyday life.


In our ever-changing world, you may see another 40-plus quarterback duplicate the feat, but you have as much chance at winning the lottery to see another one win seven Super Bowls, the latter taking a team to the crown in his season there (see Patrick Mahomes).


Cherish the moment.


It was a momentous one for the ages, like the moon landing.


There have been other athletics –mainly ex-Celtics and Canadiens — who won eight individual championships. 


But football now has its GOAT. At least, at quarterback.


He has a litany of personal and Super Bowl records that will be hard pressed to be passed for now (see Mahomes in the future). They also are too monotonous to mention.


I often thought Joe Montana should be considered the GOAT for his clutch play in four Super Bowl titles. Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning, and Dan Marino all can be mentioned in the same breath for various reasons.


If it wasn’t for his knee injuries, Joe Namath has the potential to fill that role. Namath also didn’t have all the weapons Brady has had over the years.


Brady was responsible for much of the Buccaneers’ success this season, but he wasn’t alone.


General manager Jason Licht often gets overlooked for bringing Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Tristan Wirfs– the No. 1 draft pick who the Jets once were ecstatic about —  and Antonio Brown together with an already rising talented group.


He coaxed Bruce Arians to coach his team after Arians had been courted by the Jets.


Licht decided Brady was the missing piece for a title, and he boldly signed him to a two-year deal.


Brady will be back for 2021, and he has hinted playing past the age of 45. 


Oakland’s George Blanda played until 48 in 1975, but his last prominent game was in the 1970 AFC Championship and spent his last five years primarily as a kicker.


Tampa will be faced with some tough calls involving salary cap issues in the offseason, but Brady won’t be one of them.


Yes, he is one cruising hit away from forcing his retirement.


Until it happens, keep watching history before your eyes.

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