Watson Worth the Cost, But Jets Must Have the Right Price

DeShaun Watson is the prize the Jets have to avoid acquiring in a New York minute.


He is one of the game’s top-shelf quarterbacks, but the price has to be negotiated correctly.


The 25-year-old Texans’ quarterback reportedly has been on the trading block, and there is a rising feeling the Jets should mortgage part of their future for him.


Watson, who led the league in passing yards with 4,832 and tossed 33 touchdowns, recently “liked” on his Instagram account the  New York Post headline “Whatever It Takes” in reference to get him.


His post has gained traction in social media and has hyped the trade talk.


The Jets have the No 2 and 24th overall pick in April’s draft along with others. The lingering quarterback issue surrounding Sam Darnold would be gone.


Sounds like a no-brainer.


Yet, the Jets shouldn’t pull the trigger. At least with the No. 2 overall pick.


Take the number two pick and draft Oregon Penei Sewell. He is the no-brainer to be the Jets’ next left or right tackle with Mekhi Becton. Sewell is regarded as a pure left tackle.


This Jets team has to be from the bottom up. Take care of the line first.


If you can get Watson with the 24th pick along with the Seahawks’ top pick in 2022 and either Jets No. 1 pick in 2023 or a series of second-round picks either this year or next, pull the triggers. They have 18 picks over the next two years.


Should Houston want Darnold, send him too. Although the Jets might be able to send Darnold to either Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or New England in a separate deal if they have Watson.


The Jets have the cap space to take on Watson’s $156 million contract.


Watson would save the Jets’ quarterback quandary and provide them with a stable and productive quarterback for at least 10 years.


He could achieve superstar status in the Big Apple on and the field.


However, the Texans dealt away number one weapon De’Andre Hopkins, and the season spiralled out of control with injuries and dissent.


Without weapons around him, Watson flourished personally on a 4-12 team.


The Jets certainly wouldn’t have enough Watson. GM Joe Douglas would have to do some shrewd drafting and shopping if they went that route.


This may come down to a game of chicken with the Miami Dolphins, who have been the frontrunner to acquire him and send rookie Tua Tagovalia there along with the No. 3 pick overall back to Houston, who initially had it after a previous trade. The Dolphins also sweeten the deal with another first-round draft pick.


Miami also would likely mean the postseason for Watson next year after the Dolphins rise to a 10-6 mark. 


The Jets look to be a playoff team in two or three years.


Watson surely can make a big difference, and the trade talk will escalate.


He is worth the risk and the price. The temptation can reach the maddening stage.


However, the price has to be the right one.

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