Negron: A Very Nice Young Man

Ray Negron

Gleyber Torres is a very very nice young man that comes from Venezuela. He plays shortstop for the most storied franchise in sports. He is twenty two years old, yet mature beyond his years.

When he first got to America, the first thing he wanted to do was learn English. When he was traded to the Yankees he learned right away that part of being a Bronx bomber was that you always helped underprivileged kids by giving them a helping hand.

Gleyber Torres has visited schools and hospitals on a consistent basis since arriving in New York. For that, he received the very prestigious “Thurman Munson award” for humanitarian efforts last year. The reason I state these facts about this fine young person is because he made a statement about missing baseball yesterday and certain individuals made some not so nice comments. The world is filled with many undesirable people.

We should try to appreciate the good ones that really make an effort to make the world we live in better. Gleyber Torres is one of those people. May I add that Thurman Munson would have liked this kid. At the same time, I’ll continue to pray for our world.

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