D. Karpin: Should the Giants keep Dave Gettleman?


By Daniel Karpin

It is the question on basically every fan’s mind as the Giants, inexplicably, head into week 17 at 5-10 and STILL remain in the race for the playoffs (thanks to a historically bad NFC East division) You definitely could make the argument that, no they shouldn’t keep him. They are not winning more games than in previous years and they still frustrate the hell of you as a fan. But it’s not so simple as just that.

The Giants have shown improvement this year, I think you have to give them that. Let’s start with the good. Highlighted by the stellar free-agent signings of LB Blake Martinez and CB James Bradberry, their defense has performed well this year. Gettleman really has turned that unit around. In fact, their defense has basically kept them in almost every game they’ve played and has been a big part of why they have five wins.

The running game has looked a lot better as well, which is something we have not seen in a long time. They’ve been able to really control some games with those two factors. The fact that the run game has looked that good while they’ve played most of the season without their star running back is probably even more encouraging. So the signs are there that this team has changed and is taking the shape of what Gettleman envisioned. Unfortunately, as we know, the wins have just not been there to support him staying around.

Now the bad. Their offense still looks as inept as previous years even with the new and improved offensive line. That’s a big reason as to why they have ten losses. There are entire games when they still look like they cannot move the ball, even if just to stay on the field and give their defense a break. The wide receiver corps Gettleman has assembled has mightily underperformed. Now part of that could be a product of the scheme as well. (I doubt they hang onto Jason Garrett after this season ends) But regardless Gettleman is the one who traded Odell Beckham Jr away and did not adequately replace him.

Gettleman is also the one who has them set-up as one of the much weaker pass rushing teams in the game. That lack of a consistent pass rush is a big reason why their defensive line tends to look much better when they are not playing against a good offensive line and QB.

When you look at is a whole, it really is a mixed bag. Did they improve from last year? Probably, but they don’t have the wins to show for it. Has Gettleman failed to improve this team? Absolutely not, but again they do NOT have the wins to show for it.

The bottom line is this, are you as fans ready to go through ANOTHER rebuild, just as this one seems to be turning a corner? Because I am not. I want them to succeed with Barkley, I believe in Daniel Jones and Joe Judge. I’m extremely excited to see what Barkley can do behind this new revamped offensive line (but I do hope they find a way to keep Wayne Gallman playing alongside him)

If they do decide to get rid of Gettleman, be ready for an entire NEW rebuild. And that could mean them dumping key pieces that this regime was building with (Barkley, Daniel Jones, Dex Lawrence) I do like the direction this team has been going. I believe this is the most competitive they have been in years and I think the real results could be right around the corner. I think it would be foolish to dump Gettleman without giving him at least one more year. I bet that they’d probably have more wins this season if their incoming class of rookies (including their starting LT – Andrew Thomas) had a full preseason and offseason to prepare.

Gettleman should get one more year to prove he is turning this team around and next year anything less than nine wins would be unacceptable. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it is looking like the Giants may take at least a few years to build themselves into a winning team.

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