Negron: Robkes Northport. Celebrity Haven and Incredible Food

Ray Negron

Today I want to give a special shout out to Louie from the great restaurant “Robkes of Northport.”

I was introduced to the place by sports memorabilia guru Mead Chasky. I couldn’t understand why so many celebrities were going all the way to Northport to eat and when I finally got there and sat down for a meal, I finally understood.

The food is of the Italian persuasion even though the master chef and co owner Louie is always willing to try to make you what ever you want.

The food was so good that I had to tell my friend and owner Sal Scognamillo of the incredible Italian restaurant “Patsy’s” in Manhattan. Sal actually visited with some friends for lunch and said that the food was great.
The sports stars that go to Robkes are never disappointed and like to make it there new hang out, especially when Louie delivers the appetizers. When you get to the main course the game is over. You can tell that everyone is enjoying their meals when the table gets quiet because you just want to concentrate on the taste of the food.

Last week, Yankee legend Tino Martinez was there and after his dinner he was disappointed because he said that he wished he could take a doggie bag on the airplane that he was getting on.

Ex Yankee and Met Doc Gooden has become a regular since he moved back to Long Island. As you can see from the picture, Doc has even earned an official Robke shirt. Not everyone gets those. I guess it depends on the number of meals that you have had there. You can imagine that Doc has had a few.

The bottom line is, if you’re in Manhattan then there is only one Patsy’s. If you’re out on the Island, then the best of the best is Robkes Northport. Thanks Mead Chasky for introducing us to a fabulous place.

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