Negron: Christina Pipia is Cooking Great Ideas!

Ray Negron

Roberto Alomar, the greatest second baseman of all time and a member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame says that the most important element to his success was always his nutrition. Robbie says that his only regret was that he didn’t understand the importance of this until the latter part of his career. “God knows what more I could’ve accomplished,” Alomar said.

In the world of the arts, the great actor Chazz Palminteri said that nutrition and what he puts in his body is everything. “It’s about being mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for my work in films and life in general,” he said. It’s something that many take for granted.

One athlete who prefers to stay anonymous said that, had many of the players, that he was associated with, had good nutritional values, they would not have abused performance enhancing drugs from time to time.

Recently, at a charity event, I was introduced to cook and nutritionist to celebrities, Christina Pipia. I would find out that not only was she cooking for stars but she was also cooking for regular folks like you and me at affordable prices. I was curious why she was at this charity event only to find out that she donates her time and food to worthy causes.

I would ask Christina why the food business. If you see Christina you would ask the same question because she looks like she should be Chazz Palminteri’s co star in a major motion picture. Christina told me that she was a dancer since she was two and an athlete all throughout her school years. By the way from what I understand a pretty good one at that.

One thing led to another and after she finished college she went to work in the finance industry. In order to work out the stress of that world she found herself in the gym. The competitor that this young lady is, she found herself working so hard that all of a sudden she was in bodybuilding competition. She took this so serious that her research found her discovering the best foods that help her body and mind. She already had a head start because she was taught a lot about cooking from her aunt.

Soon people could see the transformation of what she was becoming. After a while she started cooking, not only for herself but for others. Next thing you know word got around about this magical chef and people started to almost beg her to cook for them. She has a regular job, however she finds time to do her cooking business because she loves it. I think that she enjoys the appreciation that her clients have for the meals just as much as when she is pumping iron in the gym.

I’m excited to see how this body building dynamo and chef will grow in the post pandemic era because it’s incredible what she is accomplishing now in such difficult circumstances. She is a true inspiration to the human spirit for young people.

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