Robinson Cano Did The Mets A Favor

So on Wednesday, Robinson Cano did the Mets a favor. And he did that with a suspension for the entire 2021 season due to a second violation of testing positive for using a performance enhancing substance.

The substance Stanozolol was the culprit.  And there is no reason to hear from Robinson Cano and his logic about his latest escapade and using another PED.

Also, no reason for another excuse. This is another sad commentary about Robinson Cano. You want to believe, and more so after the first suspension of 80-games in 2018 for violating MLB’s Joint Prevention and Treatment Program, then playing with the Mariners, that Robinson Cano would know better..

But to the contrary, Robinson Cano ignored the consequences. That’s why we won’t hear from him. The consequences are why the Mets have no reason to bring him back and finish off his contract in New York.

Instead, the result is Cano sitting out an entire season and possibly the end of his tenure with the Mets. I can’t see the Mets giving Cano a third chance even though he is owed $48 million for the 2022-23 seasons and the Mariners picking up the rest.

But with $24 million more, this year now off the table, Steve Cohen and the Mets are in position to do more. And that is why Robinson Cano did the Mets a favor.

I am not going to sympathize with a ballplayer here. I am not going to go against the strict protocols that MLB implemented to end the use of an issue that goes beyond the game, other sports, and athletes in general.

Use of illegal enhancement drugs, overall, has been under control. So many have cheated for one reason or another to perform better. They looked to be superhuman and obtain a huge contract with the numbers they compiled.

But PED’s have hurt many in baseball, other competitive sports, and to a point those in all walks of life. But PED’s have finally hurt Robinson Cano and question his future as to how many of his injuries are attributed to them.

Studies have shown that constant use of PEDs change the structure of bones and other areas of the body. Then again, I would not know this. I only go with the medical authorities and what they say about the disadvantages and consequences of using PEDs.

Regardless, Robinson Cano is now in that category of a cheat. Because all users of PEDs can’t claim they are used to assist them. There is more hurt and for Cano it’s in the pocket.

Look, in the Mets clubhouse. Robinson Cano was respected. He dressed in the area that David Wright occupied, the Mets captain who went by the book and never depended on putting an illegal substance in his body.

And the issue now is the contract. Do the Mets eat the remaining part of his salary and move away from Robinson Cano?  Is there a legal case to not pay Cano the remainder of his contract, all contested of course because of his second suspension.

That’ issue is in the hands of Steve Cohen and team president Sandy Alderson, and this was the last thing they expected nearly a few weeks into a new regime of the Mets.

But this becomes a failed legacy of the Robinson Cano era in New York. To the Yankees and his fans, Cano was the model ballplayer in the Bronx.. To Mets fans, Cano has never been the productive ballplayer acquired with Edwin Diaz in the first big splash made two weeks after Brodie Van Wagenen assumed his role as the GM.

Instead, it was a dive of a ballplayer who went downhill with injuries and the lack of production, though we did see the old Robinson Cano at times in 2019 and at some points during this past 60-game season.

So what does this all mean? We won’t know anytime soon. Yes, the commitment of a contract and what remains are in question. And in another year, Robinson Cano is a year older and with that damaged reputation that I am sure sure does not represent the winning culture of what Steve Cohen said during his introductory press conference of last week.

Sandy Alderson released a statement and said “We were extremely disappointed about Robinson’s suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. The violation is very unfortunate for him, the organization, our fans and the sport.”

But the violation opens a door for Alderson to move ahead. The Mets can slide Jeff McNeil from left field to his natural position at second base. They can keep J.D. Davis on the roster. Or they can move along and put Andres Gimenz at second who quickly developed in his rookie season.

And there is more room and salary leverage to make the big splashes for George Springer, J.T. Realmuto, Trevor Bauer. DJ LeMahieu, Marcell Ozuna, or any of the other higher tier free agents that are available.

Without the Robinson Cano contract, the Mets need not worry about going over that all important luxury threshold  Or there could be that rumored trade for Francisco Lindo and signing him to a long term deal..

Regardless, Steve Cohen is going to spend. Sandy Alderson is going to be creative and use his knowledge to make the Mets a winning team and deliver a championship for their loyal fan base and city of New York.

So Bye Bye Robbie. You will be missed for now when it pertains to your commitment and support of the wing that assists young children at the Hackensack Community Medical Center.

At 39-years of age, if he returns, who is to say how much more the skills of Robinson Cano will remain? HIs legacy in New York for sure and Hall of Fame possibilities have gone with the winds blowing out to center at Citi Field.

Overall, though, Robinson Cano did the Mets a favor. And I am sure Mets fans won’t miss him either.

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