Steven Cohen Can Bring a New Day to the Mets, If He Remains Sincere

Steven Cohen said all the right things during his introductory press conference last week. For first impressions, as owner of the New York Mets, Cohen covered all the bases with ease.

The billionaire hedge fund manager introduced himself to the fans and local media. He was armed with charisma and enough quotable material to cover Citi Field’s baseball diamond like tarp on a rainy day.

The Mets are looking towards a new day with clear skies and new beginnings. The familiar changing the culture van is back, circling Citi Field, looking for parking.

Cohen says he doesn’t just want to win now, he wants to win consistently. He says he’s fully committed to providing the resources it takes to deliver a championship back to Queens.

Will this be another case of a billionaire trying to follow the Jerry Jones blueprint of micromanaging? Not according to Cohen.

He says he’ll let his team president Sandy Alderson run the baseball operations. The experts will do what they’re paid to do.

Is Cohen committed to supporting the community? He says he is. Time will tell if this proves to be true. Meanwhile, he provided an early glimpse of his commitment with four words.

“Black lives do matter.”

Yes, Cohen covered all the bases in his press conference. He said all the right things, in the right tone, with the right cadence.

Now, Cohen must deliver.

Because if he’s the quick study he says he is, he knows the fans want the truth from their team more than anything else.

Cohen’s a longtime Mets fan. He’s sat in the upper deck at Shea Stadium to root for his team.

You know who else sits in the upper deck? The die-hard fans that bust their butts to put food on the table and have enough leftover to take their kids to the ballgame.

Those are the fans Cohen is now working for. He knows their frustrations with this team better than anyone else, because he was one of them.

He needs to use that awareness to his advantage. It’ll help keep him honest.

The saying goes, once you’re able to get in the room and get a seat at the table – that’s where true change can begin. Cohen’s estimated net worth of more than $14 billion put him at the head of the table.

Free agent pitcher Marcus Stroman accepted a one-year, $18.9 million qualifying offer from the Mets to return in 2021. Stroman tweeted excitement to play for Cohen after watching his presser.

Cohen’s strong press conference has created excitement for the fans and players. We’ll sit back and watch what unfolds over the next five years, that’s the window Cohen hopes the Mets can win a championship.

It’s not just what Cohen says, it’s what he does which is where he’ll be judged by the fans. He needs to stay sincere with his words and actions. So far, he’s off to a great start.




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