Make Baseball Great Again

By Aris Sakellaridis

Congratulations to Major League Baseball for contributing to the demise of America’s Pastime. The best sport in the world has turned into a snooze fest. Fool yourself all you want about what a great World Series was just played, nobody watched. With an average of one ball being put in play for over twenty pitches thrown, it was difficult for one to sit on their sofas and literally watch the pitcher and catcher play catch with each other. When you add that to the walks and strikeouts, and then wait for another pitching change you get ZZZZZZZ!

How is MLB to blame for the lack of talent on the field? They let these team owners hire inexperienced personnel, who swear that, “Strikeouts and batting Average don’t matter” and that, “It’s all about Velo!” To that I say, “Wake up owners!” The geniuses you’re hiring probably have never stepped on a baseball field. Was the game that bad when ex-major leaguers were tutoring the players?

Owners need to ask themselves, “Who can better tutor my players swing, a former batting champ or a blond? A former Major League pitcher or an economics major?” Let’s not forget about these defensive alignments, they’re taking away hits from both teams which leads to no offense. This game is about hits and runs, with a dominant pitching performance mixed in every now and then. The numbers we need to bring back are the quest of 3000 hits, 300 wins, and the .300 batting average. In a game where those digits translated into greatness, lets “Make Baseball Great Again.”

It all starts from the top and whoever runs MLB needs to stomp his feet and enforce these owners to hire a “Pro experience is a must!”, staff. Use your ANALytics to see for yourself that nobody’s watching anymore.

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