Negron: Michael Max Knobbe, BronxNet’s Fireman, Yanks Pal!

Ray Negron

Whenever there’s a fire in the Bronx I don’t like to run away from it, I like to run into it. The guy that always tells me where the fire is located and helps me with the water hose, is a gentleman named Michael Max Knobbe. For years, because of my affiliation with the New York Yankees, he has advised me on different ways that we can always help our people in the Bronx.

Born and raised in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx, Michael Max Knobbe has a background in the arts and production and is an advocate for health and fitness, community awareness and media integrity. He is a graduate of the Bronx HS of Science, holds a BA in Studio Art and World History from Drew University, and a MFA from Lehman College.

Serving as Executive Director of BronxNet Television since 2002, Michael Max Knobbe has pioneered and guided many initiatives at the network, including the production of award winning content that builds community, connects the Bronx to the world, and provides young people with professional skills to take on the challenges of an ever-changing digital landscape.

Mr. Knobbe is a co-founder of the Alliance for Community Media’s New York State Chapter, and has testified before Congress about the importance, impact and necessity for logical programming. His direction had garnered multiple NY EMMY nominations and wins. Michael Max currently lives in the Van Cortlandt Village section of the Bronx and has been shooting and editing short form vignettes called “Voices on the Move” through the pandemic.

Thank you for representing and recording the beauty of the Bronx!

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