During Pandemic, Young Players Still Have a Dream

Larry Izzo, the great  scout of the New York Mets, and I have been long time friends. Even though he is with the rival Mets and I am with the Yankees, we have the same passion, to help young baseball players pursue their dream of playing college and professional baseball
The Northeast Scout League held its final event of the season today and had over 30 players from the Tri State area play free of charge in front of five college recruiters and two major league scouts at the Glen Cove City Stadium. The Scout League’s goal is to showcase local high school players seeking to play college baseball and assist them in the process of being a successful student athlete. Hunter Goldstein is a Senior at Jericho HS and had this to say about his experience in the League: “I play for the Long Island Tigers and this is my third season in the League. I will be attending U Mass Boston on an athletic scholarship next fall and the League was a great help to me”.
The League features some of the best summer baseball programs competing in front of recruiters and scouts from June to November each year. In its third season, almost 100 players have gone on to play collegiate baseball in schools all over the US. The end of season showcases are free to players in the league and for any player in the Tri State area that submits an application. The League focuses on directing players to the college that best suits their academic goals and the role that baseball can play in obtaining the proper education and training for the career they want to.
Special thanks to Ike Goldstein and Tom Hopke for helping to keep amateur youth baseball programs alive, especially during this crazy pandemic summer baseball season.
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