All That’s Left for the Jets is to Show Adam Gase the Door

The New Yok Jets fell to 0-6 this season after a 24-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The Jets became the first team this season to be shut out.

Forget about the takeaways from this game, there’s only one takeaway that matters right now.

It’s time for the Jets to dismiss head coach Adam Gase. There’s no need to wait any longer for this, it’s time to move forward.

No one expects Bill Parcells or Herm Edwards to walk back through the door. But the Jets need a new voice in charge of their message, even if on an interim basis.

I can only go on what I’m watching, the same as all of you, and that’s what’s not happening on the field with Gase in charge. He is not a winning head coach.

Alright, here’s another takeway…

The Jets are an 0-6 team. No, let’s correct that…

On paper, the Jets are an 0-6 team. On the field, however, they’re an 0-6 cluster of individuals. It just so happens they’re contracted to do a job for the same employer.

There’s nothing about the Jets right now that looks like a team. And Gase, as their head coach, has failed to convince anyone he’s right for the job.

He was hired to fix the offense and develop Sam Darnold into their franchise quarterback. But Darnold, when healthy, has regressed in his development.

The Jets are 31st in the NFL in total yards per game, that’s next to last. They’re last in the league in passing yardage per game, and last in points per game.

Moreover, it’s sensible to argue Darnold’s future as a Jet is in jeopardy. They’re on a collision course with securing the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

With every loss, the conversation about Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence continues to grow. Gase has done nothing except possibly expedite the end of Darnold’s time in New York.

He likely did the same for Jamal Adams and Le’Veon Bell.

In Adams’ case, he also wanted to be paid sooner than later – but the reality of having Gase as his head coach didn’t make it any better.

Adams quickly excelled during his time in New York as their best player on defense. He also wanted to win now and likely concluded that wasn’t happening with Gase in charge.

As for Bell, he was never a fit in the offensive scheme for Gase and it showed in his usage. But Gase did little to nothing in trying to maximize his talents. And that’s just as much part of the job for head coaches as anything else.

Instead, there were plenty of excuses as for why it wasn’t working out. Bell and the Jets eventually decided it was best to part ways.

Adams is now in Seattle and Bell in Kansas City. That’s two All-Pro players deciding it was time to move on instead of continuing to play for Gase. They’re both in better situations today.

So is defensive tackle, Steve McLendon. The team traded the popular former team captain to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and reunited him with their defensive coordinator, and former Jets head coach, Todd Bowles.

In moving McLendon, along with their 2023 seventh-round pick, the Jets received Tampa Bay’s 2022 sixth round pick.

Gase said on Monday, trading McLendon was “the right thing to do.” If, by that, he meant giving one of his well-respected team veterans a lifeboat, he’s right for doing so.

Now, it’s time for the Jets to give their fans a lifeboat and that’s by saying goodbye to Gase. A message needs to be sent to the fanbase and to the players that it’s time to be proactive.

But it’s also not just about the players currently on the roster.

Players around the league are watching, including future free agents.

Bell, while watching his new team play, tweeted his eagerness to join in on the fun with “I can’t wait”.

Adams, after learning of McLendon’s trade to Tampa Bay, tweeted happiness for his ex-teammate along with “LOOK AT GOD WORK! #99”.

And there’s Trevor Lawrence. He’s likely watching what happens with the number one pick.

Actions always speak louder than words. For the Jets, right now, their biggest actionable item must be showing Adam Gase the door.

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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