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As much as I love baseball, I can honestly say that I love the arts just as much, especially music. As a little boy I was in love with Doris Day, just because of that high note that she would reach every time she sang “Que Sera Sera”. I  loved LuLu when she sang “To Sir with Love” Diana Ross sang “You can’t hurry love.” Then there was Aretha demanding “Respect.” Almost fifty years later, Robby Robinson, Frankie Valli’s musical director and a man that I respect more than anyone in music, told me about this incredible up and coming singer that he said I had to listen to because she “is all that and more.“

I heard this young lady, named Sara Niemietz, sing an old Tony Orlando & Dawn song that was rearranged  by Sara and Robby, called “Knock three times.” Then Robby asked me listen to another song that the whole universe knows called “Take me out to the ball game. “ I know that everyone knows that song but it’s just the way that she does it, her style is like no one else. This young lady for me is truly a cross between Doris Day,  Lena Horne and Alicia Keys. Robby told me that Sara has no limits in how great she can become and now as one of her biggest fans I know never again to doubt Mr. Robinson.

She was only four years old when she was pulled out of the audience to play with Country pop artist, BJ Thomas. Most toddlers would have been intimidated to be performing in a theatre filled with adults but Sara Niemietz found it thrilling.  Now, two decades later, she still finds it exhilarating to be able to communicate her emotions through music. “ I feel at ease when I am interacting with my audience.” She says.  One would easily be forgiven if one only thought of Sara as a musician, but she is much much more.  In her relatively short life, she already has more credits than most performers twice her age.  It bothers me that I am only finding out about her now.  I had no idea that this young lady had starred on Broadway, she has also performed at the historic Grand Ole Oprey.  She has even performed at my hero, Frankie Valli’s favorite venue in New York, Radio City Music Hall.  Sara has also appeared on film and television shows and she is the voice that you may have heard on a number of soundtracks and albums, not realizing it was her.  Before the corona pandemic hit, she was performing in over a hundred shows a year and has done concerts in over forty countries.  Many music fans know her as one of the mainstays of “Postmodern Jukebox” but she now performs even more concerts with her musical collaborator, W.G Snuffy Walden.  The Emmy award winning Walden has served as her producer, mentor and onstage cohort for the last decade.  It’s this true chemistry that prompted Sara and Snuffy to record, “twenty twenty live” before an LA audience.  This intimate crowd  had front row seats to a project that has really been years in the making. “It’s Sara’s opportunity to show how she and her music have grown over the last decade and punctuate her musical maturity.” Says Walden.

Naturally because of the Covid situation things have been rearranged and now Sara will have her worldwide release event for her new album “twenty twenty” on October 15th-  two concerts with a full band at 12pm and 7 pm PDT.  It will remain online for three days to accommodate listeners all around the world!  Each ticket comes with digital download of the album. This will be the first time that Sara has played with a live band in eight months.  I already have my tickets, I hope that you get yours too because you are really in for a treat!

One of the great entertainers with an incredibly sweet, raspy voice like nothing you have heard in a long long time.  Like Elvis, she combines pop, rock, soul and the blues all into one package.

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Photo: Ray Negron

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