Negron: Cesar Presbott – Baseball Scout, Legend

Cesar Presbott has been a scout in Major League Baseball for forty years, thirty eight with the Yankees. The first big leaguer that he signed was Julio Franco.

One of Cesar’s best discoveries was the player that he couldn’t sign because the Yankees record was to good. The player is the face of baseball Mike Trout. Trout and his family said that they loved Cesar and hoped that Cesar would of had the opportunity to sign Mike Trout.

The last big league player that Cesar signed was three time all star relief pitcher Dellin Betances. I must add that one of the great signs that Cesar made was probably that of free agent, diamond in the rough John Rodriguez who played in the minor leagues for the Yankees but got picked up by the St. Louis Cardinals and got to play in the World Series.

Cesar was initially signed by Yankees manager Billy Martin and then general manager Lou Piniella to baby sit problem player Pasqual Perez who was having problems finding Yankee Stadium. Cesar did such a good job and had a great overall understanding of baseball and everything that goes into the game that he ended up carving a great career for himself with the Bronx Bombers.

On October 31st Cesar will have scouted his last day for the fabled New York Yankees and on November 1st he will be inducted into the New York State Baseball Hall of Fame along with Yankee great Tino Martinez and one of the men who signed him Lou Piniella.

Scouts are usually very underrated in what they bring to the game, but I can tell you that Mr. Presbott has brought so much not only on the field but he has given a great deal to the people of the Bronx and the city off the field too.

For years through the Cesar Presbott Foundation Cesar and his wife Dr Angelica Presbott have had the largest turkey giveaway during Thanksgiving. Because I have witnessed the tireless efforts of this man I can honestly say that Cesar Presbott will be sorely missed. On behalf of every young player that you have ever helped through the years including my own son Ricky, thank you my friend, thank you.

Enjoy the baseball sunset. You have earned it.

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