NY Theme, a Global Bestseller for Decades

Dubbed as the city that never sleeps and considered by many as the place to truly make it, New York is one of the most popular cities in the United States. With a population of over 23 million there must be a reason, or a few, why people continue leaving their small towns in their rear-view mirrors and head to The Big Apple.

Perhaps it’s the wonderful movies, books, TV shows, and sporting teams that come from this region or maybe it’s the hype around the attractions that everything NY-themed has which it’s why it’s a long-term bestseller.


To understand what a bestseller the New York dream is, look no further than the merchandising industry that makes billions of dollars each year selling anything you can think of at high prices simply because there is an illustration of The Statue of Liberty on it or “I heart NY” embossed into the surface. The most successful merchandising companies have realized the appeal that New York has for people all over the world and monopolized on it from the onset.

Native New Yorkers might not be the target market, but It Is not impossible to find a few citizens of the city sporting some of the merchandise from time to time. As one of the most travelled to cities in the world, New York’s merchandise marketing is aimed at tourists and those who have spent years dreaming of seeing the likes of Time Square and the sets of their favourite blockbuster movies or series.


New York has done a phenomenal job of establishing the city as a hotspot for filming. Many series and movies that we see today have characters that live in or around the city, and the majority of the action takes place in everyday streets and shops throughout the city.

For Marvel fans, the idea of walking the streets where The Avengers was filmed could be a dream come true but the city has been building up this kind of hype for many years. The older generation might want to see the storefronts, the parks, and the streets where Sarah Jessica Parker walked to the tune of her own drum in her red-bottomed heels when she starred in the classic hit TV series, Sex and the City.

Motion pictures aside, New York citizens have also produced some of the most amazing literary works that use the city- and the city life- as the perfect setting for their fanciful tales. Renowned title-turned-movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, is one of these whimsical tales that captures the beating heart of a city that never sleeps.

New York-Themed Resorts

As proof that New York-themed things are always successful, take a look at the New York-themed Resort situated in Nevada, Las Vegas. This is a highly sought after establishment as it embodies the spirit of New York to a tee, where the accommodation is superior, the service is exceptional, the casinos offer instant payout and patrons are looking forward to coming back when they visit Vegas again.

For Native New Yorkers, visiting a resort like this could feel like a little slice of home even when they are far from it and for seasoned travellers, it is a quirky and theme-appropriate establishment that captures the atmosphere of the bustling and famous city that is New York. It’s been likened to visiting The Big Apple in the middle of the desert.


Even the sporting teams associated with New York are world-renowned and it can be said with certainty that those who do not even watch sports have heard of the likes of the New York Yankees, Knicks, and Jets.

Almost all of the sports teams in New York are competitive and do well within the sporting codes that they belong to. This might be why these teams are household names but it could also be because New Yorkers are avid sports lovers and gather in droves to support their local talent. Those who move or visit New York cannot help but get sucked into the hype and will eventually end up walking away with a New York Team cap, T-shirt or mug but it is well worth noting that those who visit this city walk away with so much more- the experience of a lifetime!

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