Silver Linings: Sports Memorabilia Still In Demand Despite COVID-19

When the pandemic caused by COVID-19 hit, sports were getting shut down, stores were closing and quarantine was keeping people inside. Brandon Steiner thought it was going to halt his new business,, which started December 4, 2019. Little did he know the exact opposite was taking place as now the site is booming and the office is stocked to the max with sports collectibles and memorabilia.

There are over 50,000 collectibles, and our office is packed. People are calling and posting daily as they clean out their closets, garages, and basements.” is a site where people can buy and sell pieces of sports history at their own prices. The site is also available to players, who can post and sell directly to the fans. This aspect is unique including how much goes into helping the average seller. The CollectibleXchange platform allows the seller to get closer with the people buying, creating better relationships as well as a business type setup enhancing their personal brand.

Steiner has been in this business for over thirty years and is into buying sports memorabilia himself. Throughout those years he has been revolutionizing the industry of buying and selling these moments in sports history.

Sadly this seems to be one of the few things we have as a reminder of during these sportless months. However, there have been some UFC fights going on which Steiner said was the rising sport in the memorabilia industry.

Brandon Steiner

With its swagger and influence the UFC is growing at a rapid pace,” Steiner said. “Its ability to also catch the young viewer’s attention is really something.”

The UFC has been continuing with no fans, something other sports are getting ready to do. Steiner said that it wasn’t going to be a problem for the fans or even the talent to play through it.

The fans will still be able to watch and with television, they can use their magic to make it seem more entertaining if need be,” Steiner said. “If anything it might be harder for a losing team to go into an empty building and still perform. For instance, if a bad team goes to Madison Square Garden, you’re still playing in a huge crowd and need to put on a show, but if the team is bad going to an empty building it may be difficult to find the motivation.”

Sports like baseball and basketball are having trouble getting the season going with so much friction between owners and players. Both want to see the sport played, but Steiner said that there is more going on than what the fan knows which can be frustrating since the news coming out is so mixed on what the future holds.

Baseball will probably play, I’m thinking about eighty games or so, but I have a feeling they will play a season,” Steiner said.

Still, through it all, the majors seem likely to play. College athletes on the other hand are still unaware of what is to come for them.

I’m nervous about college sports because there are a lot of things that can make this difficult to manage players and keep it safe with the campuses open. There are a lot of variables and we have to remember that these are kids,” Steiner said.

Whether or not sports do start-up soon sports memorabilia is as bigger as it ever was.

These are the good parts of sports, the ones we want to remember,” Steiner said

Steiner himself has created the site for it all with CollectibleXchange. So all these memories of what it was like when sports was at its peak and flourishing will never be forgotten.

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