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During this Coronavirus situation, I have been in touch with many players who have been saddened by the situation. Naturally, they miss playing the game that they love but they also miss the off the field scenarios such as going to hospitals, and schools to fill the kids with good will. Also during some player marketing moments, how they get to work with some of the people that have a total understanding that a lot of players don’t just do this for the money but also because they want to share their good fortune with the less privileged.

One of the best in the business at working with athletes and celebrities in general is a gentleman named Robert Narvaez. A New York boy, born and raised, I have had the good fortune of working with him when I was representing Spalding, which is America’s first baseball company. The thing that blew me away about him was his nonstop energy and his creativity when it came to business growth.  Last season I got to see him work with Didi Gregorius, the Yankee short stop at the time. Didi who is probably one of sport’s most intelligent individuals couldn’t help but pick Robert’s head for marketing ideas on a regular basis. 

After years of working with some of the world’s most iconic brands to launch global brand experiences, Rob has a great background as a marketing and branding leader. Focused on storytelling and innovation, he has achieved business growth while maintaining strong relationships with athletes, organizations and communities alike.

He has a history of building global brands in the sports world including positions as the head of Global Marketing and Partnerships at New Era Cap where he was responsible for the company’s brand marketing initiatives and Major League Baseball partnership. He has also has stops at Under Armour leading Team Sports, Directed Product & Marketing at Spalding and as the Senior Brand Director at Authentic Brands Group.

Robert Narvaez helps these celebrities in all situations pertaining to this crazy pandemic situation and makes them feel better about things that some of these guys may be insecure about and at the same time feel good about the fact that they will be back on stage or the field very soon. It’s also great to know that Narvaez is there to help these guys and sports fans with whatever company he is representing. 

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