Negron: Virtual Puerto Rican Day Parade

Darma V Diaz, Sonia Velazquez and Bella Matias are three young ladies from Brooklyn that have forever loved the concept of the Puerto Rican Day parade.

They love the fact that they come from one of the greatest cultures in the planet,  The Puerto Rican culture. The reason for that is because we as a race come in all colors shapes sizes and denominations. In one family you can actually have a brother who is white a sister who is yellow  and a little brother who is black or brown. That being the case we see no color. This is something that was thought to me at a very early age by the terrific Yankee Sandy Alomar whose son, baseball Hall of famer Roberto Alomar is being honored by these ladies this coming weekend.

With the fact that the Puerto Rican Day Parade was cancelled because of the Coronavirus situation, the girls came up with the idea of having a virtual reality parade. They contacted David and James Torres. These guys known as the Bushwick Twins are cultural icons. Thier murals are through the roof and they literally transformed a little section of Bushwick to literally look like a town in Puerto Rico.

The area that they occupy is literally a museum’s row. You can feel the spirits of all great athletes and entertainers from Roberto Clemente and Robby Alomar to Tito Puente Celia Cruz and even Elvis Presley.

The parade will honor so many of the incredible talent to come out of Puerto Rico. That talent includes Benicio DelToro and of course Hollywood’s number one character actor of all time Luis Guzman.

The fact that I spent ten years of my life in this section of Brooklyn, I am grateful to Bella, Sonia and Darma for thier energy in this incredible project. The Bushwick twins are perfectionist in what they do so the finished product on June 13 is gonna be fabulous.

Let’s not forget that this type of parade has never been done before so the interest and the pride that we should have not as Puerto Rican’s but as people in general should be amazing. I also want to thank the committee for including me in this parade for my work with the Yankees and the community.  I couldn’t be more proud.

If you want to find out more about the Virtual Puerto Rican Day Parade go to the Webb site…

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