Corona Virus Message: Fans Don’t Matter!

By Aris Sakellaridis

The one thing that the Coronavirus has made clearly to sports’ spectators is, “Fans Don’t Matter!”

As teams get ready to resume their schedules, the games will go on, to empty seats. There is talk of putting cardboard cutouts of humans in the seats to give it that “full house” feeling, which leads to more insult. I can’t wait to imagine seeing those human cardboards spending $6 for a bottle of water and $10 for a jumbo hot dog.

With the owners getting richer off of television revenues and the players getting rich from their mediocre statistics, their message is to hell with the fans. Another new rule that will be enforced is no spitting. Now think about this, is there any saliva left in the mouths of these millionaires and billionaires, after they basically are spitting at their loyal fans? The obvious message is, we don’t need you here on game day. So now is the time for us fans to spit back.

If everything resumes back to normal in the future, us fans have to do the right thing, STAY AWAY! If we dare to even enter a ballpark or an arena, we will no longer be labeled fans. The new title will be SUCKERS. So go ahead and give those billionaires your $45 for parking, give them your hundreds of dollars for admission to the third tier. Don’t forget to bring extra money for that hot dog and water. An overpriced souvenir to remember your experience will also burn a hole in your wallet.

What you should remember is these owners and players don’t care about you! T.V. revenues rule, and whatever extra dough they can get out of you once they decide to let you back in makes you an official SUCKER.

Stay Away! That’s the only way to send the message to these millionaires and billionaires. You are not going to touch your IRA accounts anymore, for the sake of taking your family to their stadiums. Maybe then, will these owners and players, who make it so clear fans don’t matter, will wake up and lower the prices to the point of when you can withdraw from your piggy bank instead of your local bank.

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