Scout’s Take: Every Day is Saturday

You know why today is a beautiful day? Because it is Saturday! As a matter of fact, tomorrow will be Saturday as well as the next day and the next until we can all go out and play again.

Normally I have always loved a nice Saturday in the summer. Baseball games on a Saturday afternoon were always the best. With that taken away from us today, we are left with reruns of classic games on TV or watching a kid have a catch with his dad in the neighborhood. At a safe distance I might add.

Watching a classic game is fine. They bring back memories, even though we all know that the ball gets by Buckner and Gibson hits a 3-2 back door slider off of Eckersley. Again, I’m fine with viewing all that stuff but I long for watching any regular season game and watching something spectacular unfold live in front of me.

I miss the “Holy Smokes, did you see that?” or the disagreement with a friend or colleague about what we just saw live, Like a hit or an error, a safe or an out or a manager’s decision. I do believe that we will put all of this behind us and things will get back to normal eventually. But right now, seeing a beautiful sunny 75 degree day just pass us by with no baseball is like watching a friend burn your steak on the grill. Like what a waste!

Ok, enough of the pessimistic doom and gloom. What can I say positive and optimistic about where we are today? I do have the most organized sock and underwear draws I have ever owned. My outside area is cleaned and ready for grilling and relaxing. I haven’t had to put gas in my car for 76 days. I have not spent that much money in the past few months. I have watched every movie on Netflix. Ones that I was never able to see because of covering baseball games. “Benjamin Button” was my favorite discovery.

So there you have it, positive things. Now for optimism. I know that all the new rule changes in MLB will be exciting. I am looking forward to that like I would a root canal with no Novocaine. Guess I have to work on the optimistic stuff more.

As I sit in my favorite chair looking out the window into my back yard, my mind drifts as I listen to the soft breeze passing through the beautiful trees where colorful songbirds serenade me. The neighbor cutting his lawn. The sound of a chain saw. The dogs on either side of my yard barking in unison at a squirrel. Then I think, what a beautiful day for a ballgame.

Hey, I’m sounding more optimistic! And you know what is good about today? It’s Saturday again.

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