Moeller: Enunwa and Perriman Need To Crystallize Receiving Corps

It’s Sept. 10, and the Jets can line up Jamison Crowder, Breshad Perriman, and Quincy Enunwa.

How realistic are the chances of it happening?

It will depend on Enunwa’s status.

Perriman’s status also is in question. Can he take the next step?

Suddenly, the Jets have a dilemma. There is one reliable receiver, two quandries, and a need to draft or sign some.

Perriman is projected as the replacement for Robbie Anderson with the potential to be better.

He recently stated during a press conference call that the final five games of last season with Tampa was a “tiny glimpse” of what is capable of accomplishing.

Crowder became a productive player for the Jets last season as an effective possession receiver last year, leading the team in receptions (78) and forming a strong chemistry with quarterback Sam Darnold.

So, what about Enunwa.

The Jets believed the sixth-round pick in the 2014 draft was their answer to a big-play and size receiver –a chiseled 6-foot-2, 225-pound frame —  who could also play tight end, when he had a breakout season in 2016 with 58 catches.

That gained him a four-year, $36 million contract that came to an abrupt halt when his recurring necknproblems resurfaced one week into last season and placed him on the shelf for the rest of the year.

There was plenty of chatter that the Jets would cut Enunwa due to his uncertainty of ever playing again, thus saving some cap space in the process.

But Enunwa is still a Jet, and GM Joe Douglas stated at the press briefing that Enunwa is “still going through the process” about his medical situation.

Douglas added that “we should have some more information on that hopefully soon. Obviously, that’s a big question mark for us moving forward”

It certainly is.

Yet, Enunwa’s presence has been downplayed with the singing of Perriman and the anticipated development of Crowder.

If he is healthy, Enunwa is the Jets’ Ace in the pocket, a powerful receiver who fits nicely in certain situations and schemes.

The Jets added former Redskin first-round 2016 pick Josh Doctson, who flamed out in Washington, as depth.

Ironically, Perriman was another first-round pick, one as a Raven in 2015. He never worked out in Baltimore and apparently later in Tampa, but his stock rose when he caught 25 passes and scored five touchdowns in his last five games last year.

The Jets do have security in Crowder, but then can be safe with the development of Perriman and Enunwa.

With their status, there is further talk about the selection of a wide receiver with the 11th pick or definitely in the second round. 

At the time of the draft in the next few weeks, the Jets might have an answer.

Still, they will need a couple more.

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