Negron: Sanchez Excited about Cole and Yankee Mania

Gary Sanchez popped out of the clubhouse, saw me, and came over for a hug. He is a terrific kid who has sat down with me and learned about Yankee history and the legend of Thurman Munson. He understands the hustle and determination that Munson was all about but he also understands the heart and soul of a person that died way before his time.

Gary loves being a Yankee and understands the responsibilities that go with his job as catcher for the Yankees. He knows that he has a pretty big job in helping to guide Gerrit Cole in his first season with the Yankees and is determined to do the best job possible.

Gary is very conscious of the fact that Yankee fans everywhere take Yankee business very seriously so he is giving his blood, sweat and tears, just as much for them as he is for the organization. People really don’t know Gary Sanchez and are really not aware of all the hard work that he really does put towards his craft.

I love the fact that the last thing that I got to say to Gary was that the best is yet to come. I honestly believe that.

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