Negron: Gleyber shows up early for Munson kids

For the last two years you have been reading my columns about Gleyber Torres and how he never says no to the kids. You have read his quotes about the importance of reaching out to kids both here and in his native Venezuela. The fact that he is a Yankee only intensifies his desire in helping those in need. As he has come to realize, that is the Yankee Way.

Today he came to New York a day early to visit with the AHRC, New York City Foundation. This is the foundation that works with the “Thurman Munson foundation” to help so many children with difficult situations. They have been connected to the Thurman Munson program for forty years.

Tonight, they will be honoring Gleyber and one of Thurman’s best friends, Lou Piniella. My childhood friend and maybe New York’s greatest female athlete, basketball great Nancy Lieberman, is also being honored at the annual Thurman Munson Awards dinner.

Gleyber decided to show up a day early so that he could see what AHRC was really all about. To say that he was blown away is an understatement. He gasped as he watched the teachers, volunteers and more importantly the children. Gleyber repeated that he didn’t have to be here every day to understand the magnitude and importance of what is going on here. The young Yankee said that this would definitely not be the last time that he would visit this great facility. Gleyber said that the kids almost made him cry.

Well I can honestly say that Thurman Munson and George Steinbrenner are both crying with joy.

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