Moeller: Can Judge Restore Giants to the Days of Parcells and Coughlin? His First Impressions Appear to be Headed That Way

Joe Judge literally could awakened the sleeping Giants. He certainly electrified the fan base.

In his opening press conference Thursday, Judge provided an early message – to borrow the campaign slogan – of hope and change.

He was definite and precise without any reservations unlike his two predecessors, Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur.

Judge had his share of typical clichés,’ but he presented them with a convincing conviction that realistically sprouted thoughts and expectations that haven’t surfaced for Giants’ fans for quite some time.

It was easy to see that the former eight-year New England assistant who served as a special teams coordinator and receivers coach didn’t fall far from the Belichick tree.

Throughout his press conference, the 38-year-old Judge echoed a Belichick script.

“I am humbled and honored,” he said. “My job is to lead our players and coaches. The mission is clear, to win games. There is a process to reaching that objective, and we will implement that process and work that process starting today.’’

Being a native of the Philadelphia suburbs and a quarterback at a small Catholic high school, Judge is a former Eagles fan who is a product of a blue-collar, suburban environment.

He understands the parallel of football between Philadelphia and the greater New York area, and how it is on the same par with the South.

“We will punch you in the nose for 60 minutes,” stressed Judge. “We will play every play like it has a history and a life of its own, with a relentless, competitive attitude. We will play fundamentally sound, and we will not beat ourselves.”

The initial return has conjured a Belichick-Bill Parcells -Tom Coughlin hybrid. It’s a no-nonsense, arrive five minutes early, and practice-in-pads philosophy that obviously has been absent from recent regimes.

Judge is ready to back up his promises and priorities, and he’ll have that is our mission right here.” “I’m going to be myself every time 15 mins ago.




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