Moeller: Race for Rhule Should Be a Giant Priority

Jerry Jones stunned the football world again, and he didn’t waste any time doing it.

His hire of Mike McCarthy less than 24 hours than the announced firing of Jason Garrett brought

a sweeping chill toward the Meadowlands Monday morning.  

Jones showed everyone how to pull a quick trigger for a desire target. He knows his team is primed for

the big prize.

With the move, the Giants suddenly are on the coaching clock.

They interviewed McCarthy Saturday and have Matt Rhule on deck for Tuesday.

Recent surging popular opinion had they choosing one of them to fit the mold of their desired new  


After two failed offensive coordinators, it was time to take a different route.

Many local media and fans alike have created an affection for Rhule in recent weeks, and he and GM

Dave Gettleman’s have managed to verbally complement each other well from their previous


It looked like a new perfect marriage – a young, successful, energizing coach who could breathe new

life into a team that was on life support most of the year.

If Rhule didn’t work, there was always McCarthy as the backup choice, even though his West Coast

Offensive scheme doesn’t exactly mesh with Saquon Barkley.

That was then, and this is now.

It is a race for Rhule, a good slogan and a harsh reality.

If the Giants want their man, they can’t let him leave the Meadowlands without a signed contract.

Rhule does have a proven record as a college head coach, but can he handle a pro team in the league’s

most controversial market?

The Jets appeared ready to sign him last year, but Rhule’sapparent request to form his own staff caused

a major snag.

Rhule now can call his own shots with the Giants, Panthers, and Browns in hot pursuit.

If they can’t lure Rhule, the Giants ironically could fall back on Garrett, a once hot rumor that surfaced

late in the season.

Even though his stock is floundering due to his inability to deliver with a loaded team in Dallas, Garrett

still had a solid background, and it would be interesting to see what he could do without Jones in his


Garrett or Rhule inherit an effective offense that needs to strengthen its line, and a defensive with some

promising, developing young players that have formed a core.

Aside from the two, the Giants can’t afford to go the coordinator way again even though Eric

Bienemy and Wink Martindale are highly regarded.

The next 10 days will tell if the Giants are major players.

Their targets are within their sights, and they need to pull the trigger. 

It’s time to find the right leader to change the majority of the pitiful last seven years.


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Jeff Moeller

Jeff Moeller has been covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college football and basketball as well as high school sports on a national and local scene for the past 39 years. He has been a Jets and Giants beat reporter for the past 13 years.

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