Moeller: Give Belichick the Keys to the Franchise and End the Charade.

Before Pat Shurmur was hired in January of 2018, I wrote a column about the Giants apparently looking to talk with legendary Bill Belichick to take over their franchise.

At that time, rumors spread like a California wildfire that Belichick might be looking to end his stoic career in New England, and the game’s greatest coach would go elsewhere due to a number of factors.

With Shurmur’s firing as likely as paying a toll on the George Washington Bridge, John Mara and Steve Tisch should make the call and give the keys to Belichick to take over the franchise.

That would involve getting rid of GM Dave Gettleman, too, as his signings haven’t matched his decent drafts.

Yes, I know it sounds far-fetched and the odds are as high as winning the lottery, but it would be a clear-cut solution…No questions asked.

It is well known that Belichick always has relished his days in the Giants’ organization and still has great admiration for the franchise.

Life in New England with him and Tom Brady isn’t the perfect marriage as it is portrayed, and a Giants’ opportunity certainly should entice him.

Belichick would have an aspiring and developing young quarterback in Daniel Jones and a gamebreaker in Saquon Barkley, two centerpieces that would make any coach would take a second look at the job.

He could tinker and retool a defense that does have some potential standouts as soon can form a solid core.

Belichick could coach for a year or two before heading up stairs and turn the on-field duties over to Josh McDaniel, who likely will be his heir apparent in New England. If McDaniel would stay with the Pats, Belichick relinquish the coaching duties to his 32-yearold son Steve, whose stock has been rising as the defensive play caller for the team’s lockdown unit this season.

Right now it sounds like a pipe dream at best, but Giants’ fans would form a line around the stadium and all the way up Route 3 to kneel before him if he took the job.

If the Pats make an early exit, those visions of grandeur could have a decent shot to become a reality.

Problem is, the Giants can’t wait that long.

In their real world, they need to act fast to get a proven head coach under contract.

Ron Rivera, Mike McCarthy, and Matt Rhule – any of the three would be an outstanding choice – all have already begun their process with Carolina and Washington to find a new job. Any of them won’t be searching long.

The Giants need to secure a proven winner here and Belichick would be it.

Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch, make the call and — in true New York fashion — make him an offer that he can’t refuse.

If isn’t possible, hire a real coach as soon as you can.

Your fans deserve it.

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Jeff Moeller

Jeff Moeller has been covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college football and basketball as well as high school sports on a national and local scene for the past 39 years. He has been a Jets and Giants beat reporter for the past 13 years.

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