Three players driving the Brooklyn Nets forward

With the New York Knicks in disarray, much of the Big Apple will be focussing their attention on the current exploits of the Brooklyn Nets. They have started with steady output this season and will be looking to make the postseason with a solid core of young, talented players.

But which players have been driving them towards success? We take a look at three in particular who have caught the eye and are leading the way in the numbers.

Kyrie Irving

This will come as no surprise to anyone given the standing Kyrie Irving has after the Nets acquired him on free agency in July 2019 but his debut perhaps caught even his biggest fans by surprise. He scored 50 points against the Timberwolves in a 127-126 loss, becoming the first player in NBA history to notch 50 points on his debut for a new team.

It was a remarkable introduction and just highlighted why the Nets snapped him up even if they did not reveal the terms of his deal.

He has averaged a team-high 28.5 points per game and also leads the Nets in assists per game with a 7.2 figure already notched despite picking up an injury. That could be a crucial factor going forward. If their elite guard is out for too long, although they went 7-3 in the first 10 games without him, then it could cost them.

Spencer Dinwiddie

In the absence of Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie has been immense. He was second on the team in scoring last season and is currently behind only Irving with 20.8 PPG so far this campaign. At 26, he has plenty of scope to get better and Nets management will certainly be hoping he continues to be productive and takes up some of the slack following Irving’s injury.

The Nets are currently +5000 to win the Championship this year in the NBA betting on bet365 with Dinwiddie’s performances playing a big part in the price being as low as it is. He admitted the role of a starter is completely different from coming off the bench.

“The role is completely different so obviously, there is a change there,” Dinwiddie told when asked about the situation.

“My approach to the game is very similar either way. It’s whatever the team needs to win and then the role kind of dictates what that is. Sometimes it will be defense, sometimes it will be offense.”

Caris LeVert

LeVert has been another quietly impressive player for the Nets so far in 2019. He is not quite keeping pace with Irving or Dinwiddie but averaging 16.8 PPG puts him third on the team and has made him an important part of the roster.

At 25, he is also still relatively young and will be satisfied with his efforts so far this season. If he can continue to improve and Irving is not out too long, then the Nets can feel pretty confident about making the playoffs. With the Knicks flagging, they are New York’s best hope in the NBA this season.

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