Aris: A Bronx Cheer to the Vet Committee

Congratulations to Marvin Miller and Ted Simmons on their induction into the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee. It would’ve been nice if they could’ve added two more names.

It would’ve been a nice touch if Thurman Munson and Don Mattingly would have been elected. The two former Yankee Captains would have joined a sure to be voted in Derek Jeter and have made it a trifecta, as three Yankee Captains would have been crowned with baseballs highest honor.

Unfortunately, the Veterans Committee dropped the ball and with that they have contributed to everything that’s going downhill in this once greatest game on earth. NY Sportsday writer and Yankees advisor Ray Negron had this to say after the results were announced, “After running around all week to different outlets talking about Thurman’s upcoming election I felt like he was alive again. After the results were announced and reading Diana Munson’s text that she was sad, it felt like Thurman died all over again.”

Every candidate on the ballot was a deserving Hall of Famer, and the mention of their names brought back memories of that great era they played in. Here in New York we never forget.

New Yorkers know that Thurman Lee Munson is a Hall of Famer, whether he’s enshrined or not. He was like a family member from afar to all of us. On the 40th anniversary of his death, he will always be The Captain.

Donald Arthur Mattingly was our shining star during those grey eighties. His clutch hitting was second only to Munson. For us New Yorkers, he is Donnie Baseball.

Lou Gehrig was the definition of a Captain. He was the Pride of the Yankees. Munson and Mattingly followed his path. It would’ve been nice if Diana Munson (representing Thurman), along with Mattingly, could have joined Derek Sanderson Jeter in the Great Hall of Cooperstown.

Give the Veterans Committee a Bronx Cheer, and give Munson and Mattingly a Standing Ovation for the memories they left us in New York.

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