Twins “Boomstick” is the Thanksgiving MVP

Minnesota Twins designed hitter  Nelson Cruz should have been the American League MVP. At the age of 39, his bat produced 41 home runs, 108 RBI along with a .311 batting average. He did that in 454 at bats. His leadership in the Twins clubhouse led his teammates to follow his lead, which produced a record setting 307 homeruns. The Twins also finished first in their division with 101 wins. 

On Monday night during Thanksgiving week, Cruz was the MVP, as he was honored at the “Aids for Aids My Hero Gala.” The charities campaign centers on, Healing Venezuela- A Formula for Saving Lives. The founder of the organization, Jesus Aguais, reached out to the Dominican slugger to help his cause, where 30 dollars will feed a baby for 30 days.

The event was held in NYC’s Museum of Natural History’s Biodiversity Hall. The other honorees were famed Chef Jose Andrés, Betty Chiang, Nate Mook, Dr.Mario Comegna and Gilead Sciences, a research based biopharmaceutical company that caters to areas of unmet medical needs.

Cruz’s 401 career homeruns earned him the nickname “Boomstick,” but keep in mind that he didn’t become a full time starter till the age of 28. Boomstick has the full respect among his peers and fans and even the umpires. It was at the 2017 All-Star Game in Miami where he handed his phone to catcher Yadier Molina, before Cruz stepped into the batter’s box, and posed for a picture with umpire Joe West. It was earlier that season when West became the third umpire in league history to work 5000 games. 

Cruz had his supporters on hand in Guillermina “Lady G” Esquivel, Jennifer Mercedes, Osiris Peña, Juliana Fajardo, and Joseph Haché. Nelson’s sister, Nelssy, also was in attendance with her husband Carlos Feliz.

Boomstick’s involvement helped kickstart the “Healing Venezuela” campaign, which has led to the feeding of over 2000 babies. On this Thanksgiving week, in NYC, Minnesota Twins Nelson “Boomstick” Cruz is the MVP for a great cause in the real world. 

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