Coppola: Astros, Send Them To The Moon

So what is the biggest story today, the impeachment inquiry in our Nation’s Capital or the Astros being exposed as cheaters? I’m going with the Astros.

Washington has already had enough time in the news with their winning of the World Series. So let’s give the rest of the country some “Air-time.” The series losing Astros now become the biggest story in baseball, not for being an All-American symbol for our country to emulate but, they became a bad taste in the mouth when we all need a tasty treat. Lets face it, when we watch the news everyday, we see ten stories and only one will be something that is not bad news. Instead of the blasted headline next, “Breaking News” it should be, “Next “Bad News.”

Ok, back to the cheating issue. So what’s all the fuss about? In baseball we steal a base, pitchers strive to be deceptive. Catchers learn how to give signs where they can not be seen. That’s why players cover their mouths when they talk to each other on the field and now even in the dugouts because other teams are always trying to steal something.

Stealing signs is always talked about as being “Part of the game.” Is it a crime because a team found a new way to steal signs? Is the fact that they used technology that is available to assist in them getting an edge on their opponent a crime? Well isn’t that what baseball has embraced like someone hugging the flag? It’s called “Analytics.” Yet it does take stealing signs to another level. One that goes beyond being “part of the game” and must be dealt with strongly.

So what are they going to do about it? Baseball has to come down with some kind of punishment for those involved with this. One of my baseball go to guys is Joe Sciandra, who brought up the possibility of Carlos Beltran being accused of being involved and said to me “If he gets a one year suspension, which is being talked about, what do the Mets do now?” By the way, Alex Cora was in that dugout at the same time.

Now what Mr. Commissioner, what do you do with him? Also, if you believe MLB didn’t know about this before this WS, well then I have a plot of land you may be interested in. How about a 2,200 acre site in Staten Island, that was once the Fresh Kills Landfill.

They will try to spin this as if they are just finding out now. That’s understandable. Wouldn’t want to lose their All American pastime image. Bringing this to light during the World Series this year, with the Astros possibly winning, it would have been a disaster for MLB.

We don’t know how Commissioner Rob Manfred will hand down potential suspensions and fines but here are a few of my suggestions that should be included.

One, The Astros must return the World Series trophy.

Second, the Astros should be forced to wear their rainbow uniforms they wore from 1975-1986. It took the Mets beating them in that classic series in ‘86 to rid them of the wacky colors. Plus they would have to give all the profits of the sale of those beyond ugly jerseys to the homeless in America.

Finally, their ALCS series from 2017 with the Yankees should not become a do over. The Yankees would now play the Dodgers for the 2017 World Series. LA is still warm in the winter and in NY they will wait for days over 50. So what if it takes a month. Baseball would love that because of all the money that they will make and after all, isn’t that what it is all about with MLB?

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