The Top 10 New York Sporting Moments of All Time

NY Sporting Moments You Should have Bet On

New York City is home to great sports teams and has played host to numerous special sporting moments over the years. Here, in no particular order, are 10 New York sporting moments that went down in history.

1 – Willis Reed’s Appearance in Game 7

The Beatles are still together, Richard Nixon is the president, and Willis Reed wants to play basketball. It’s 1970, and Game 7 of the NBA Finals is going to be interesting. Televised for the first time, the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers are tied 3-3. Reed had suffered a serious thigh injury in Game 5, preventing him from participating in Game 6 (which the Lakers won). He was unlikely to appear in Game 7, but when he walked out to start there was a chorus of applause from the crowd. When he left during the first half the Knicks had a 24 point lead and ended up winning Game 7 and, with it, the championship.

2 – the Yankees Dominate the World Series

The Yankees partied like it was 1999 after sweeping the World Series that year against the Atlanta Braves. From 23 to 27 October, the Yankees won each of the four games to claim the World Series. But a little more context is needed to put things into perspective. This was their second consecutive World Series, and the crushing of the Braves followed a similarly comprehensive victory over the Texas Rangers and a win over their fierce rivals, the Boston Red Sox. Indeed, it seems that October is a pretty good month to be a Yankees fan.

3 – Super Bowl III

In 1969 the New York Jets contested the Super Bowl (given that name officially for the first time, despite being the third such competition) against the Baltimore Colts. It was a case of AFL underdogs against NFL thoroughbreds, and the pundits had no doubt the Colts would win, and win handsomely. Some things never change, and sports pundits being wrong half the time is one of them. By the fourth quarter the underdogs had shown their teeth, and the Jets were 16-0 up. The Colts clawed back 7 points to make the scoreline a little less embarrassing, but the favorites had been humbled, and the Jets had upset the odds for a famous victory.

4 – Islanders’ Dynasty

Some sports teams date back a century or more, but the New York Islanders took less than a decade from their 1972 founding to accomplish a staggering run of Stanley Cup successes. Between 1980 and 1983, the Islanders were undefeated, and from 1980 to 1984 achieved unmatched 19 consecutive playoff series wins.

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5 – ABA Glory for the Nets

The Nets have had numerous name changes, and their fair share of ups and downs over the years, but they struck a purple patch in 1976. A couple of years after their first ABA championship victory they bagged a second, shortly before the ABA was merged into the NBA.

6 – the Mets Soar to the World Series

Started in 1962, the Mets did not have an easy first season, racking up a season long result of 40-120. Their top result up to 1968 was second from last. In short, they were the whipping boys. But sometimes in sport, miraculous turn arounds can happen. And in 1969 the Mets went all the way to claim the World Series. The team, dubbed the Miracle Mets, beat Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles would go on to win in 1970, but in 1969 the team that had taken a drubbing for years exceeded everybody’s expectations, even their own.

7 – Giants Wearing Sneakers

In the era when the Cold War was only getting colder, the Super Bowl hadn’t been invented yet. For the 1956 NFL title, the New York Giants were up against the Chicago Bears, and the elements. It was cold enough that the field was icy, but the Giants were sly. Donning sneakers rather than traditional footwear, the Giants won every quarter on that cold day and crushed the visitors 47-7.

8 – a Devilishly Good Season

The New Jersey Devils had a fantastic season in 2002-3, claiming a division championship, a conference championship, and topping it off with the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup finals were a thrilling tussle between the Devils and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, with the cup hanging in the balance until the final game when Michael Rupp picked the perfect time to score his first ever playoff goal and, with it, win the Stanley Cup.

9 – the Rangers Claim the Stanley Cup

The Rangers are one of the oldest hockey teams in the country, going all the way back to 1926. It didn’t take them long to claim their first Stanley Cup (1928), with more to follow in the succeeding decades, but then came a long dry spell. It was more than half a century before the Rangers won the Stanley Cup glory again in 1994, the 25th anniversary of which was celebrated earlier this year.

10 – McEnroe Beats Borg in Five Sets

The US Open is the last of four Grand Slams during the tennis calendar, coming after Wimbledon. In 1980, the fiery John McEnroe was up against the ice cool Bjorn Borg in the US Open final. Two months earlier the Swede had beaten the American in five sets in the Wimbledon final, and McEnroe was out to even the score. And the local hero did it, beating Borg at his best in the final to win on home soil.

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