Super Soccer Stars Expands Tri-State Reach By Acquiring Pro Soccer Kids

Super Soccer Stars, the nation’s premier youth soccer organization, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Pro Soccer Kids, a family-run Long Island based organization created from a love of soccer and joy of working with kids.

“We are so excited to continue to expand our phenomenal approach to soccer to more families by merging great companies like Pro Soccer Kids into our business,” said Adam Geisler, CEO of Super Soccer Stars. “With the addition of Pro Soccer Kids on Long Island, we have now acquired three soccer companies in the past year. This acquisition brings us another step closer to fulfilling our long-term goals of impacting over half a million kids a year through Super Soccer Stars.”

“We are excited for the addition of Pro Soccer Kids, as co-Founders Tom and Deborah share similar principles and values as Super Soccer Stars. Coach Tom has played and coached soccer all over the world, including Ireland and Australia, and at one point was a Super Soccer Stars coach. He shares his love and excitement for soccer with New York kids of all ages and skill levels, starting as young as two,” said Dean Simpson, Chief Programs Officer of Super Soccer Stars. “All Pro Soccer Kids coaches are trained to work specifically with toddlers and young children. Adding this incredible team to our roster allows us to continue to drive best-in-class soccer programs.”

“It is such an exciting merger for Pro Soccer Kids to join forces with Super Soccer Stars, as the company has always been an inspiration to me and the community. Super Soccer Stars helped me build a foundation of skills to start my career as a coach 16 years ago. It is wonderful to come full circle with the Super Soccer Stars team and to continue to provide the same great programming to our loyal Long Island families,” said Tom Creagh, Co-founder of Pro Soccer Kids.

Since acquiring Super Soccer Stars a year ago, Geisler and his executive team will continue to drive acquisitions of new partners and innovative platforms as they look to be one of the largest corporately run youth sports companies in the U.S.

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