Negron: Carlie Fargala like Gehrig knows the quality of courage

Carlie Fargala is my hero because she is battling brain cancer like a champion and she will not give in. She had brain surgery in June and today she was with her East Islip High School Cheerleading squad. During half time I was brought on the field to present Carlie with a Yankee cap and Uniform with the number 4 which represents the courage of Lou Gehrig. Tomorrow Oct 27 at 2 pm at the Argyle Theatre in Babylon we will be doing the play Batboy and the show will be dedicated to all people that are dealing with or have dealt with Cancer. Every day we will be rooting for Carlie and all people that have to deal with all forms of Cancer.

Years ago I wrote the New York Times best selling book, “The Boy of Steel.” The character in it reminds me so much of Carlie that I think I will rewrite it in her honor. I can’t wait to bring Carlie to Yankee Stadium and spread some of her wonderful energy to people in our organization. I met her parents, Nancy and Joe, and I want them to know that every day we will be praying and rooting for their beautiful little girl.

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