Moeller: Jones Can Be On the Verge Of Changing the Culture

The Giants last took the football field 10 days ago against New England and Daniel Jones got an up-close-and personal look at how Bill Belichick can take a rookie quarterback apart.

Three interceptions, 15 completed passes out of 31 attempts and one interception later, Jones will line up against fellow rookie Arizona’s Kyle Murray at Met Life Sunday afternoon.

But this won’t totally be about both quarterbacks despite having two top draft picks squaring off.

Instead, it will be about Jones taking another major step in leading his team in the right direction.

The matchup, though, will be interesting and entertaining.

Murray has had the better statistical season than Jones, as he has seven touchdowns – three last week in their 34-33 victory over Atlanta and four interceptions along with averaging 40 yards rushing per game in six starts.

Jones has five touchdowns and six interceptions and three lost fumbles. When he has had the chance, he has looked good running the ball, even though it hasn’t been as frequent as Murray.

But it isn’t all about numbers.

More importantly for Jones and the 2-4 Giants is that they need to register a victory against the 2-3-1 Cardinals.

For the first time since he took over, Jones will have the full complement of Golden Tate, Evan Engram, and Saquon Barkley at his disposal. Sterling Shephard still is on concussion protocal.

If they lose, the Giants’ season quickly could head South.

They have to travel to Detroit –one of the league’s best kept secrets – the following week and then have their shot at Dallas in a Monday night showcase. The Jets, Green Bay, and Chicago fill out November.

In Week Seven, it is a pivotal game in the overall development. Does he develop with his team still within reach or is it a nine more weeks of stay patient?

The Giants also can stay on the heels of the 3-3 Cowboys and Eagles, who meet Sunday night, and will be a game behind the new leader and tied for second with the other in what has turned out to be the NFC Least.

It will be compelling to see how Jones responds especially with some time to reflect.

“I think it’s been, looking back on the month, kind of up and down,” said Jones. “I’ve been inconsistent overall. I’ve been good and been bad. I think there are certainly a lot of things to learn. When you look at the scheme or some of the decisions, some of my habits or bad habits, I think there are a lot of things to learn.”

Jones get it. Now he has to execute it.

It can make the final nine weeks taking more than a second look.

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