Negron: Gleyber Delivers On His Promise

I need to take this time to congratulate the New York Yankees and everyone connected with the Bronx Bombers for an incredible season and a great performance in the ALDS.

Throughout all of my years with this fabled organization, the Yankees have never ceased to amaze me. Whether it was Reggie or Thurman Munson in the 70’s or Didi Gregorius and Gleyber Torres today, they always find a way to step it up. This year more than ever I have found out how important the Yankees are to their fans and sometimes how the Yankees can actually help you deal with some of the worst moments. One example is how a twenty-two year old Gleyber Torres actually gave a sick little boy his greatest day before leaving this world. I am forever proud of this young Yankee and all Yankees both past and present that understood the importance of reaching out and giving back.

Torres promised the family of Zach Schwartz that he was going to step up his game in memory of their son. Gleyber first met Zach during spring training of this year. He spent a morning with him in Tampa and when Zach asked Gleyber to hit a homer for him, Gleyber winked and said that he would try. That game, he hit the first pitch that he saw out of the park. We lost Zach to Leukemia last month and Gleyber wanted the Schwartz family to know that he dedicated his exploits in the American League Division Series to Zach and his family.

It’s times like this that I really love the meaning of being a Yankee. As the Boss and Lou Gehrig once said. “We’re Yankees. It’s what we do!”

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