Mancuso: Rematch Is Justified

New York based promoter  promoter Lou DiBella said after his fighter Sergiy Derevyanchenko lost a unanimous decision to Gennadiy Golovkin at Madison Square Garden Saturday night, “The fight justifies a rematch.”

For the vacant IBF Middleweight title won by Golovkin, this certainly deserves a rematch. Golovkin, now a two-time champion had the toughest fight of his career and the scores of 115.112, 115-112, 114-113 reflected what could be considered a fight of the year candidate.

Calls by his promoter for a rematch are justified. Perhaps the 12.577 at the Garden would also vouch for a second fight and more so the supporters of Derevyanchenko, a Russian fighter who has made Brooklyn as his home. 

 It was a tough fight to score and could have been ruled as draw. Here at ringside, 114-113 was justified for Golovkin, but the popular and top 10 pound-for pound fighter from Kazakhstan may have to go back to the drawing board.

It was not the best performance for Golovkin, and  did not resemble his two fights with Canelo Alvarez who took the middleweight title from him in their second fight last year.  He punched hard, threw punches, but his challenger who came in as the underdog looked to be the better fighter as the fight progressed in the middle rounds.

 DiBella, who knows something about scoring and the sport is justified in calling for a rematch believing bis fighter won in rounds 8-4. 

“I thought we won,” DiBella said. “I honestly thought we did. I knew it would be close. But I thought we won. I am sure when I watch it again I will think that  Of course, a rematch. We want the rematch. What would you rather see? That again or another Canelo fight? Of course, that again or another Canelo fight? Of course that again. That was a great fight. That kid fought the fight of his life. and if he doesn’t get a rematch there is no justice.”

DiBella was animated at ringside, usually is, and used a few obscenities to get his point across. In the end it will be up to the champion and who he wants.

But it does not seem that Golovkin , who seemed to get away from the Alvarez drama, wants to fight him again. He is a  two-time champion via the controversial decision but has a part of that middleweight title. It provides Matchroom and promoter Ed Hearn more negotiating  power to get the new champion his choice of opponents. 

Yes, it’s boxing politics in a new era for the sport.  Streaming networks and lots of money are being made. In the end, revenue could be the deciding factor, and not the punches that are thrown as the complexion of the sport has seen a drastic change.  

 “Right now it’s. bad for me,” Golovkin said. “It’s a huge day for Sergiy, his team. This is huge experience for me. Right now, I know that I need exactly. I lost a little bit of focus. Sergy was ready. I really respect him. He showed me such a big heart.”

Golovkin said he told his opponent this was his best fight and respect was there. He scored an early knockdown with a combination to the head in the first round.

Derevyanchenk complained about being hit in the back of the head and behind the ear. He also sustained a nasty cut above the right eye in the second round that needed numerous attention.

 At one time the cut was nasty enough and it appeared physicians at ringside were destined to call a halt to the fight. Both fighters were unavailable for a post fight press conference and were being attended to at a nearby hospital for the cut and precautionary measures.

It was that type of championship fight that does warrant a rematch.

But there was no immediate word about a rematch and DiBella will speak about that at another time. For now his fighter will rest,  go home, and hope there is another fight with Golovkin.

 Based on the CompuBox numbers you can determine who may have won and there is cause for a rematch:


Total landed 243 230
Total thrown 720 738
Percent 34 31
Jabs landed 107 47
Jabs thrown 406 266
Percent 26 18
Power landed 136 183
Power thrown 314 472
Percent 43 39

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