Coutinho: Frazier Silenced The Critics

Philadelphia: Everybody that follows me knows I have an intense respect for Todd Frazier as both a player and a person. Lately, his critics have been asking for his dismissal from the starting lineup and as I’ve said numerous times on ESPN–these people just don’t get it. He is both a good player and a great leader, and with tonight’s game in Philadelphia, Frazier illustrated both of those concepts in vivid fashion in the Mets 11-5 win.
We all know he crushed two home runs driving in six runs in a game the Mets badly needed to win but his leadership fueled a key moment in the game as well. In the 8th inning with the score tied at 1 -1, Amed Rosario spoke to Frazier before a key at bat with the bases loaded giving him  effective advice while relaxing the Met shortstop before he strode to the plate.
And  Rosario  would respond and plate  two runs with a single that gave the Mets the lead for good in this key contest.
This is the part of Todd Frazier most people miss. And he also leads  by example as I see him constantly keeping an optimistic voice in the Met clubhouse even in the darkest moments. You just don’t find that kind of leadership on every street corner. He also works exceedingly hard at his craft and do not think young players don’t see that and emulate his style every single day.
But the critics like to make their jokes, disrespecting a man who has given so much to this sport and this team. The world needs more people like Todd Frazier–a man who cares as much about his teammates as he does about himself. Personally speaking, I have learned so much from watching him lead and have tried to incorporate it into becoming a better teammate myself with family, friends and colleagues. 
As many of you know, I’ve battled health issues but Todd has always been so upbeat talking to me about these issues and I got a first hand look at how much he helps people. The balance of the season has many question marks but to me Todd Frazier is not one of them–he can swing a power bat , fields his position so well and leads by example. If the Mets do the spectacular and reach the playoffs, it can be argued that Todd Frazier’s three- run homer vs the Nationals a few weeks ago might have been as important to this Met push as Wilmer Flores walk off homer was in 2015. 
It will certainly be an uphill climb for the Mets but I know that having Todd Frazier on the journey is an absolute no-brainer. And to his critics–keep yapping away because he loves proving you all wrong as he did in Philly. He is a big reason this team stays confident and works as hard as they do every single day to improve their game.
That my friends is the simple truth. 


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