Moeller: Manning to Colts? And Jets Shouldn’t Be Clown(ey)ing Around

Andrew Luck may have done the Giants’ a favor.

His retirement may have opened the door for the team trading Eli Manning to the Colts.

Giants’ head coach Pat Shurmur announced Sunday that rookie quarterback Daniel Jones will make the start against New England Thursday and Manning was done for the preseason.

If the Giants truly have faith in Jones – as they have shown – here is the opportunity to turn the reigns over to him. Jones has shown the poise to help him through the learning curve, and he does have Saquon Barkley behind him. This season likely looms as a .500 one at best.

There have been strong indication that this will be Manning’s final year in the Blue and White unless he leads the team into the postseason. And Manning hasn’t minced his words about wanting to play a few more years beyond this one.

The presume door to Jacksonville next year for the reunite with Tom Coughlin is now closed with Nick Foles there.

Looking around, the starting options for Manning are literally nonexistent. Case Keenum is getting the start for now in Washington, and Jon Gruden is tinkering with his quarterbacks in Oakland. But don’t bet on Manning being a Raider.

This is an opportunity for the Giants to avoid a potential mess next season and also get rid of Manning’s Salary.

They should be able to procure one of Indianapolis’s second-round picks for him.

Yes, Manning deserves a proper sendoff, but sometimes opportunity knocks.

Jets Also Need to Take A Shot

Several media outlets broke the story that Houston’s Jadevon Clowney will be dealt early this week. The Texans franchised him, and they don’t want to resign him.

The Jets need to pull the trigger here. Clowney is baseball’s version of a “rent-a-player” as he can’t be resigned until the offseason.

Last season, they were in the running up until the final phase to get Oakland’s Khalil Mack. In the end, the Jets noted that Oakland wanted to keep Mack out of the AFC despite a believed stockpile of picks.

Now the Jets have a second chance. The Jets still need an edge rusher. They didn’t get one in the draft or through free agency. Clowney, Leonard Williams, and budding rookie Quinnen Williams could help defensive coordinator Gregg Williams create schemes to position a ferocious front seven that would alleviate the team’s growing cornerback problem.

Yet, it wouldn’t be that easy. Clowney is due $15.9 million with his franchise tag and the Jets would have to do some creative restructuring to get within their $11-plus million left under the salary cap.

There also is the matter of a truckload of draft choices that might take to get him.

Still, the Jets are a few steps ahead of another rebuilding year with Sam Darnold and will be on the steps of being a playoff team this year.

New GM Joe Douglas said Saturday before their game with the Saints that his team would bring aboard a game-changing player “if it was the right player and the right situation, we’d consider it.”

Do it, Joe. Take the shot. It will look even better in January.

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