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Schwartz: The Guardians of Spring Football In New York and New Jersey

The long wait is over.

On Wednesday, the new XFL announced the names and logos for the eight teams that will begin play in February 2020 including the New York Guardians who will play their home games at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The Guardians join the Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, St. Louis Battlehawks, Seattle Dragons, Tampa Bay Vipers, ad DC Defenders in the new XFL, 19 years after the old XFL played their one and only season back in 2001.

I believe the XFL did a great job with the names and logos but that’s just par for the course with how this league has operated since Vince McMahon announced the re-launch of the league back in February of 2018. The decision to name Oliver Luck as Commissioner and CEO has turned out to be a great one and the runway towards kickoff in 2020 has had a solid plan which is a far cry from what happened back in 2001.

“The XFL is about football and fun,” said XFL President and COO Jeffrey Pollack. “And our team identities are intended to signify just that.”

“Guardians” is a great nickname for the New York franchise and there is a specific definition of what the name is all about…

“New York Guardians: Sentries carved of stone. Watchdogs over the metropolis. A prehistoric predator. A beast evolves, turned loose in a new kind of jungle. All teeth and talons, eyes unblinking. They know fear because they feed off it. They are your first line of defense, and there is no need for a second. The New York Guardians. On Duty.”

Now the next step for the Guardians is to fill out their roster with players so General Manager and Head Coach Kevin Gilbride is busy mapping out a plan for both the quarterback draft and the XFL player draft which is going to take place in October. For now, football fans in New York and the metropolitan now know the name of the newest team in town and the Guardians fan base can begin to take shape.

Official merchandise for the Guardians and the other XFL teams will begin on Saturday August 24th so it’s going to be great to start seeing the cool looking logo being shown off around the area.

The New York/New Jersey Hitmen will always have a special place in my heart, but now it’s time for a new era in NY/NJ spring football history. Welcome and good luck to the New York Guardians!

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