Sportingpedia’s List of Best Baseball Betting Sites for 2019

Picking a proper baseball betting website can be difficult, especially with the number of sportsbooks currently available in the online gambling industry. The fact of the matter is that choosing the right sportsbook is not easy. For this reason, we would like to present Sportingpedia’s list of the top 5 baseball betting sites for 2019. For more reviews, be sure to visit Sportingpedia. We offer expert reviews of betting sites, betting tips and predictions, and much more, all for free.


Bet365 is arguably the largest gambling brand in the world and has become a household name at this point. Operating in hundreds of countries, bet365 offers an excellent sports betting experience. Naturally, bet365 also accepts bets on MLB games and several other leagues from all over the world. You will have access to a large number of betting markets and bet types, giving you the opportunity to put down the exact bets that you want. Not only that, but bet365 also offers numerous promotions to all new and returning customers.


Betway is one of the major sports betting brands on the Internet and one that has earned the love and respect of customers. When it comes to legitimacy and integrity, few can match Betway in these qualities. For this reason, Betway is one of your best options when it comes to betting on baseball matches. The available betting markets include the MLB, the Mexican League, Nippon League Baseball and other leagues once they become available. Even if the American league is your primary interest, it never hurts to have options. Another excellent feature of Betway is that it constantly runs promotions, allowing customers to take part in raffles, contests, the chance to receive free and zero-risk bets, and much more. When all is said and done, Betway certainly knows how to treat its user base and this is one of the reasons why this sportsbook has risen into such popularity.

William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest and most respected gambling brands in the United Kingdom. With a history that goes back decades, William Hill has been accepting bets longer than most of us have been alive. The prestige of this brand is absolutely a factor in its popularity though there are other aspects in play, as well. For one, William Hill offers great betting markets on baseball and other sports. You will be able to read MLB tips, predictions and odds and of course to place a bet on your favorite MLB teams and matches. William Hill is available to a large user base and has never failed to impress. Top-tier customer service awaits all who join, while the extensive support for mobile betting means that you will be able to place your bets directly from your smartphone or tablet. Overall, few websites can compete with William Hill and that is just a fact of life.


888sport is part of 888 Holdings, a company with a history in the online gambling industry dating back more than two decades. The 888 is a prestigious brand on the Internet and millions of gamblers have come and gone over the years. 888sports has been operational for more than 10 years and in that time, has pleased countless punters from all over the globe. Available to a wide user base, 888sport seeks to deliver a top-tier sports betting experience. Fans of baseball will be especially pleased to know that 888sport accepts bets on MLB games and offers a good number of betting options. Naturally, there are other benefits, such as constant promotions, dedicated customer support, a number of accepted payment solutions and much more.


When it comes to US sports betting brands, the pickings are slim but that does not mean that available websites are bad by any means. Bovada is a perfect example of how a sportsbook can still offer a great experience in a low competition market. As one of the few US sports betting websites, it is only natural that Bovada would accept bets on baseball. More specifically, punters have the option to put down their bets on games from the MLB, the NPB and Mexican League, among other leagues. Becoming a customer of Bovada is a great way to scratch the itch when it comes to betting on baseball. This sportsbook has remained a major player in the US online betting scene and that is not by chance. Should you become a customer, we are certain that you will have a great time.



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