Moeller: Goodbye Beckham; Time for the Manning, Barkley, and Jones Show

Love him or hate him, Odell Beckham Jr. needs to keep moving on.

Enough already about your days as a Giant. Odell, you’ll soon have plenty to talk about in Cleveland.

On that issue, we can all make a healthy wager.

I have my views on his egotism and selfishness as well on how insanely race can be a factor –the latter issue recently by an afternoon WFAN sports talk show host – but I don’t want neither to waste your time nor the space here to extrapolate about it.

Giants’ management rightfully turned the page and everyone else should. The clown show is gone.

Now the Giants can get back to normalcy and begin to piece together a beneficial season whether or not they make the playoffs.

Fittingly, Manning took the cue at opening of camp, speaking about “making a fresh start” with a “clean slate” and “taking advantage of the opportunities in front of us this season.”

It is a clean slate and a new opportunity with Beckham.

It will be a new chance for a 38-year-old quarterback that has showed plenty of signs of age in recent years with a percolating 22-year-old MVP candidate in the backfield.

In the wings is Jones, the prodigy who already has passed and answered all of the Giants’ expectations and questions, much like Manning was 16 years ago behind Curt Warner.

The early prevailing feeling around the Meadowlands is that Manning will have full control of the season, anticipating Barkley will the MVP type of season that will keep the G-Men in the hunt for
a post-Christmas playoff present.

Receiver Sterling Shepard also has joined the new infused cast, as he is prepared to assume the lead role. Having veteran, team-player Golden Tate on the opposite side will help.

It is quite evident the previous impending circus-like atmosphere has shed itself.

Win or lose this season, a new era will soon begin with the eventual progression to Jones likely being a smooth one.

Respectability is back on the horizon, and you can smell the difference in the Meadowlands air.

Goodbye Beckham and good luck. After a few regular-season games, I’m sure you and the Browns need some luck and relief.

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Jeff Moeller

Jeff Moeller has been covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college football and basketball as well as high school sports on a national and local scene for the past 39 years. He has been a Jets and Giants beat reporter for the past 13 years.

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