Tyson all set to unleash his fury on Jarrell Miller in NYC

Jarrell Miller is a man that would have done a fair bit of soul searching over the past few months after having to drop his heavyweight bout with Anthony Joshua. The American was hit with a six-month ban and lost the right to fight for four heavyweight belts against Joshua at Madison Square Garden.

Had Anthony Joshua destroyed his last-minute stand-in opponent Andy Ruiz like everyone was predicting he would do, it wouldn’t have been as big a disappointment for Miller and, in some ways, he may have even felt like he had dodged a bullet. Only we know now that Joshua and his belts were there for the taking on the 1st of June as an out of shape but hard-hitting Ruiz sprung the shock of a lifetime by beating the Englishman.

That would have been a result that would have made Miller’s lack of judgment all the more painful given that he potentially passed up the opportunity of going to the top of world boxing. Instead, Ruiz deservedly stole his limelight and left Miller out in the cold.

That could all be changing however as Tyson Fury has indicated he would be open to fighting Miller in New York in October. Miller is likely to cling onto this second chance with both hands, given that a shot at facing the lineal heavyweight champion of the world does not come around every day.

The price should be right for Miller and will see him pocket a few million dollars, which will be a very handsome payday for the 23-year-old. As far as Fury’s thinking goes, he doesn’t necessarily take fights he knows he will win, and that was proved when he accepted a duel with Deontay Wilder after being out the ring for three years. Their showdown at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was one for the ages, and if Fury can safely negotiate a bout with Jarell Miller, it will clear the way for a rematch with the Bronze Bomber at the start of 2020.

That is likely to be an event that surpasses the 4.8m pay-per-view buys that Pacquiao and Mayweather generated in 2015, and it even looks like the Filipino fighter will be one of the fans ordering the event as well. Speaking after the first fight, Pacquiao said he can’t wait for the rematch between Wilder and Fury.

First, though, the member of the Filipino Senate will have to take care of his own business as he fights Keith Thurman in a bout where his legion of fans will bet on Pacquiao to take Thurman’s welterweight belt. What a story that will be if the 40-year-old boxer-turned-politician can beat a man 10 years his junior. No doubt, Fury will be returning the favor and will be looking on to see what happens in Nevada when this welterweight clash takes place.

There’s a feast of boxing lined up for the back end of 2019, and Jarell Miller will be counting his lucky stars that he will be a part of it. Miller could be a tricky test but if Fury arrives in the right frame of mind after a solid training camp, he should have all the answers to any question Miller asks.

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