Mancuso: Mets Can’t Take This Back

So it continues. And there is no help on the way with a Mets bullpen that was charged with six runs in the top of the 10th inning at Citi Field Tuesday evening. But Robert Gsellman and Hector Santiago are not the major culprits of this 9-3 loss to the San Francisco Giants.

Manager Mickey Callaway went with his decision. Noah Syndergaard needed one more out in the seventh with the tying run on base, 103 pitches, you would think that was reason to lift his starter. Instead it was a managerial decision or percentages.

Either way, Evan Longoria went with the pitch. Mike Yastrzemski goes to third, Brandon Belt follows with an RBI double. Game tied 3-3 and here we go again. The manager was asked, why was Syndergaard removed?

Noah Syndergaard was just as perplexed. And this was also another in the latest chapter of a Mets bullpen that has given up over 73 runs from the seventh inning and beyond. Those numbers will cause an implosion for a team that is desperately looking for answers.

But this manager, under the watch of possibly losing his job, was not defending his decision to go with Lugo. He addressed his team and basically put the loss on him. Perhaps this was Mickey Callaway with an explanation to also save his job.

He said Lugo could get a fastball up in the zone. Longoria tends to go after the low fastball.

“Looking back, of course hindsight’s 2020,” Callaway said. That’s one I’d like to have back, maybe have him face one more hitter. Can’t do that. Have to deal with the moment but that’s one I’d like to have back.”

But the Mets can’t have that decision back. And they can’t continue to let teams like the Giants get the  win because of bad managerial decisions. They can’t allow this continued implosion of their bullpen and this does not certify that Mickey Callaway is on his last days.

Simple, this was a mistake by the manager. It was a bullpen issue that has to be addressed and there simply are no answers.

“It’s mental,” said one Mets player as he passed through the clubhouse. He, like this entire Mets team praised the manager for admitting that he blew this one. Yes, they agreed, Mickey Callaway would like to have this one back.

And that mental part does apply to a bullpen that is pitching with an ERA over 5.00, 23 earned runs. in their last 21 innings.

“Need to put more runs on the board,” Pete Alosno said. His 20th home run  and the 7th from Wilson Ramos accounted for the only Mets runs. And with this bullpen, no matter the length that Syndergaard gave, those runs were not enough.

Syndergaard would not go against his manager. Again, there is that support for Mickey Callaway and for the decision to go with Lugo, though Syndergaard said, “I was a bit surprised. It was kind of a stinger of a game.”

He added about the managerial mistake, “I commend him for that. I think as a whole, we’re standing strong. We’re going to stand together as a team, including our coaching staff as a whole.”

But this one was on the manager. More than once, Mickey Callaway said to the media about liking to get this one back. In the clubhouse he brought his team together and relayed the same message and for that the manager deserves some credit.

“We’re all humans, we’re all eligible to make mistakes,” Syndergaard said. “If anything, it’s a man that is knowledgeable about the mistakes he makes, something that sparks more respect in our eyes. I commend him for that.”

Noah Syndergaard wasn’t the philosopher here, but the reality of baseball, as many say, is the mental part of this game.  The bullpen implosion is difficult to fix, as the Mets are not the only team with this issue.

Mets fans were knocking the latest move from a  manager they would rather not see in the dugout Wednesday night. All they want is more wins and any explanation about this loss will not make their day any better.

However Mickey Callaway does deserve some credit. He admitted it was a mistake. He can’t get this back and the only way to correct the mistake is get a nice winning streak going wednesday night against the Giants.

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