In our house, the start of baseball season means a few things.

At this time of year, we’re getting ready for Little League, planning out trips to Major League and Minor League games, and it’s also time to start collecting 2019 baseball cards. My sons Bradley and Jared are always eager to open up those first packs to see if they get their favorite players and they make sure to pass along any Yankees that they come across to dad, the only Yankee fan in the house with everyone else being Mets fans.

It’s a long story but the short story is that my wife Sheryl and I had to compromise on sports teams for the kids when she was pregnant with Bradley!

But back to baseball cards and I’m sure my kids, along with so many other baseball card collectors, will be thrilled with a new innovation that Topps is rolling out in 2019. The exclusive trading card partner of Major League Baseball has announced TOPPS NOW Future cards, a new innovation that will give baseball fans an opportunity to win rare and valuable prizes.

With a fantasy sports element attached to the cards, fans will have a chance to win by obtaining the 2019 World Series Champion Future card. All TOPPS NOW Future packs will have three random cards featuring players from all thirty teams. Fans will scratch the back of the card to reveal a code and then they can enter it on If the team that is on the card wins the 2019 World Series, that fan wins the prize shown on the back of the card.

“This is an exciting way to follow your team all the way to the World Series,” said David Leiner, Topps Global General Manager of Sports & Entertainment. “These exclusive cards can’t be found anywhere but on TOPPS NOW continues to push the envelope with its innovations year-after-year.”

These are limited-edition packs and are only available while supplies last and the World Series packs won’t be available again until after this season. Among the prizes available from these cards are special rare card sets and autographed trading cards from a player that is on the World Series winning team.

I’m hoping, of course, it’s a Yankees player but there are three people in this house that would love to see that winning card be a Mets player. There are going to be other TOPPS NOW Future packs planned for throughout the season that will feature other events.

Opening day is right around the corner and a big part of the baseball season is collecting baseball cards. Topps is always finding ways to make this hobby more enjoyable each season and the TOPPS NOW Future packs innovation is no exception.

Now let me scratch off the back of this Aaron Judge card to see what prize I’m winning after the Yankees win the World Series!

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Peter Schwartz

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