LA Rams Returns: London To Host Four

London is known for many things, form a lit nightlife to its impeccable way of organising events. Who would forget the 2012 London Olympics and its grandeur! After the London Olympics, there have been many sports events in London which have been extremely exciting and thrilling. As 2019 has begun there are already talks about what is in store for sports lovers, well, 2019 would also be another year exciting year with great American football matches coming on our way. The NFL games to be held in London this year will feature the last years Superbowl finalist Los Angeles Rams.

All the LA Rams fans are looking forward to the tiff between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. Other matches will see Chicago Bears play against the Oakland Raiders, the Huston Texans battling with Jacksonville Jaguars and a match between the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For the LA Rams this is the fourth time that they are participating in the Super Bowl LIII while the teams like Texans and Panthers are making their debut with this match.

The football lovers are excited about the matches and is the gambling world. There have already begun anticipations on who is going take the trophy and which player has the potential to score maximum.

Of the four games, Two games will be played at Wembley Stadium and two at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The stadiums are preparing for this games which have eyes on it from across the world, the dates are yet to be finalised. There is a huge wave of excitement among American football lovers about this big game that is to happen soon.

Although the dates and venues are not fixed, there are rumours circulating in sports betting online casino websites like Brightstar Casino about the game, who would win and all the analysis for the game has already begun. There are online games for simulation of betting and

American Football is the followed widely and rightly so. The game is super fun and exciting. The chase of the ball from one goal post to another is thrilling. The game keeps you engrossed throughout and the highs and lows in the game change for every time every moment. The roar in the stadium and even for those who are watching the game on their Television sets are real and show how people are engrossed in the game.

If the team you are rooting for misses the score, the feeling is extremely unsettling and if the team you are rooting for wins, the joy is enormous. The unsettling feeling as well as the cry of joy when your favourite team or favourite player scores a goal both are in the spirit of the game. Many people from the gambling industry are wagering on these games with anticipation of making handsome money. There are various online betting websites and mobile casinos where you can feel the rush.

There is a wave among the sports lovers and gamblers with respect to the game. One can imagine the state of what would happen when the game is actually played. It is going to be extremely overwhelming and super crazy. We are all in for a treat. 


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