Negron: A Gleyber Torres Christmas for Bronx shelter kids.

Over the summer Rookie second baseman Gleyber Torres came with me to visit what is known as the poorest public school in the city in what is known as the poorest congressional district in the country.

The school is P. S. 55. In the Bronx. Gleyber was so touched by what he saw from these kids that he said that he needed to do something special for them. About three weeks ago after he got back from visiting his native Venezuela he gave me a call and told me that he had not forgotten those kids in the Bronx and wanted to do something special for them.

He wanted to play Santa Claus and make sure that those kids, many of whom live in shelters would get a Christmas gift from him.

When the kids found out that Gleyber Torres the great New York Yankee had done this for them they all started to scream in joy.

The Children didn’t care what they got they were just happy that someone of this magnitude  cared enough about them that he would do something as nice as this for them.

The event took place at the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club. Club President Dan Quintero as always rolled out the red carpet to help these kids.

Gleyber who has recently moved to Tampa so that he can work out all winter at the Yankees Minorleague complex really understands the importance in reaching out to these kids. He also understands that life can be very difficult for many of them.

Gleyber said that just being nice to some kids and letting them know that you care can make a big difference in a young child’s life.

This is coming from a person that is only 21 years old himself. Gleyber is married to a beautiful young lady that truly understands and compliments her man.

I asked Gleyber if they would be having kids soon and he responded by saying that he wanted to enjoy the world with his wife first then have kids.

I asked Gleyber what message did he want to give the kids of New York and the World for this holiday season.


“I just want everyone to have a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year. Please know that all you young people have a friend in me.”

I also want to wish everyone in the Yankee family a Merry Christmas.

Thanks for all you do!

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