Will Wood’s Team Partake in the Presidents Cup Tournament this Year?

Tiger Woods has refused to accept calls in order to let their players get ready for their upcoming president cup challenge at the Australian Open. Tiger Woods, who was declared to be the leader of the American team, is reportedly facing a lot of condemnation for organizing his own charity event in Bahamas on the same date when national championship playoffs are announced to be held in the capital of Australia.

Both the national championship and the charity contest would be conducted just before one week of the President’s Cup. According to the information revealed in the recent reports, Tiger Woods did not hesitate to advise the American team to prepare for the Hero World Challenge prior to the tournament going to held on 12th-15th December in Melbourne. Rumours indicate that to provide players with a considerable amount of time to prepare for their tournament as well as to make their visit to Melbourne, Bahamas event organization would be delayed by one day. Woods statement regarding his concern of ensuring that his players are well-prepared and are all set to play vigorously in the forthcoming tournament, clarify how sincerely he is performing his job of being the Captain of American players.

When questioned ‘whether he’s going to let his players perform in the Australian Open, he clarified that he would want his players to play in the Hero World Challenge. As per the statement of Woods, there have been constant assemblies scheduled to figure out the best possible solution. Here, the main objective of the American Captain is to find out a way which would let his team perform in both the Bahamas tournament and the National Championship playoff (only if they could get adequate rest and time to prepare for both the events simultaneously). He further mentioned that he’s looking forward to recalling the American’s first and the only defeat (till date) in 1998 in Melbourne which would help his players to partake in both the events and give their best to prove them once again.

Talking of the records

The historical records of the American team have been quite impressive as they won 10 out of the 12 Presidents Cup challenges against strong international players over the past years. In fact, one of those 2 matches that were held between the American Team and South African team was a tie. This indicates that American players are strong enough to win the maximum number of matches.

Woods visited Royal Melbourne this Wednesday which, as per his sight, did not change after he played Melbourne 2011 tournament. He often named it as ‘a colossal golf course across the board’

On December 6th, he appeared in some of the amazing radio shows as well as morning television programs and then attempted a media conference that was organized nearby Yarra River. The American captain along with his better-half Erica Herman is reportedly traveling with his two younger ones. He has successfully won the best season on the United States PGA tour this year (which he was trying his luck in since 5 years).

With his surprising renaissance as a fantastic player, reports suggest he would soon be seen at Royal Melbourne Presidents Cup in the coming year. However, to qualify for the championship, his name must appear in the list of top 8 on the Tour points 2018-2019. If he won’t make it, there are still 4 ‘American Leader’s Pick’ to be included.

For now, he considers himself as the part and a parcel of the American team, hoping to appear in the list of top 8 as well.

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