McDonald: There Is No Question Now, Todd Bowles Must Be Fired By The Jets

This was a disgrace pure and simple.

Losing 41-10 to the lowly Buffalo Bills, when your team desperately needed a win is on one person.

The New York Jets coach Todd Bowles.

If there is any question about his status, yesterday’s game sealed it. He lost the team and is sounding like a broken record.

“It was a disappointing loss,” Bowles said. “It was tough. We haven’t been a part of one of these in a long time, I think since a night game in Indianapolis a few years ago. We didn’t coach well in any aspect of the game. We didn’t play well in any aspect of the game. Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong.”

The Jets, who had so much hope at the beginning of the season, are a team in disarray.

Now, this isn’t like Ben McAdoo with the Giants last year. Bowles is too smart to do something tremendously stupid, where the Johnson Brothers would have to make an in-season move. He will be there for the last six games after the bye.

Besides, if you fire Bowles now, who takes over the team. There isn’t a Steve Spagnuolo on the staff who has head coaching experience.

No, the Jets are stuck with Bowles for the rest of the year and that’s fine.

But barring some miracle where the Jets happen to win say, six games in a row, – fat chance – Bowles will go and the Jets will be back in the hunt for another head coach.

And when that move happens, the Jets will need a to do something they haven’t done in almost 25 years. They need to hire an offensive-minded coach.  They have the prospect in Sam Darnold, now they need someone to train him and develop him into a franchise quarterback.

Look, I always liked Bowles. He seemed like a nice enough guy and always was there for the press. He wasn’t Rex Ryan, who made the game more about him. His short answers were part of his personality.

Like this: “We’re going to take a long, hard look at everything this week, coaches and players. We’re going to put the best guys out there that can help us get better. We’ll review everything we’re calling on both sides of the ball. That’s what you do during the bye week. We’re going to try like hell to win the last six games.”

It doesn’t matter. The last six games are meaningless. Remember they have two games against the Patriots. They are not going to do much here.

But the last three seasons sealed it for Bowles. When you can’t win more than five or six games a season, you are a failure.

And Todd Bowles is a failure.

It’s time to close the book on Bowles. This season is a loss but turn the page and get a new coach for next season.

Yesterday’s game sealed it.

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Joe McDonald

Joe McDonald is the founder and former publisher of NY Sports Day. After selling to i15Media in 2020, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief and responsible for the editorial side of the publication. In the past, Joe was the managing editor of NY Sportscene magazine and assistant editor of Mets Inside Pitch. He has covered the Mets since 2004.

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