Can Boxing’s Future Include a Piece of its Past?

If you are an ardent boxing fan who is terrified in choosing between family events and a quality matchup at Jr. Featherweight, then, here’s a good news for you! The various online streaming services have recently been featuring high-quality boxing events which exhibit live boxing shows for long hours.

With the tremendous and rapid growth of online streaming services, today there are a great number of channels which presents numerous boxing shows and events online which can be seen from the comforts of your home, anywhere, anytime.

The popular Naoya Inoue Live from Japan and the Jr. Flyweight fight is soon going to be streamed live. So, watch out!

Last week, the boxing fans had a lot of things to look forward to like the DAZN aired two cards simultaneously while ESPN+ aired another. It was enough to fill a television, computer, and telephone screen at the same time.

Well, this weekend is going to be even more exciting and thrilling as  ESPN+ and DAZN will both host afternoon shows. If you wish to see the prelims of these shows, then, there are numerous streaming options available offering a deep coverage of the events which is only possible to experience only when you have a ticket to the arena.

Is Boxing Going to be too Much Popular in the Future?

For the diehard fans of boxing, the answer is no as they have been watching the various boxing shows to the maximum extent possible and missing a few of them will not make a big difference.

For the new fans, the streaming of the boxing shows online would indeed make a big difference as this can play a key part in increasing the fanbase on a large scale. Not to forget, there are various mobile casino sites which are coming up with innovative online boxing slot games which is sure to enthral the new boxing fans.

Is Hosting Boxing Shows During the Weekdays a Good Idea?

Oh yes, it is. If you remember the first Ali-Frazier fight was hosted on a weekday and so was Leonard-Hagler.

The major league professional sports do not limit their audience to a single night a week. The NFL used to be a Sunday affair. Monday for decades, and later Thursday, helped to weave the football season throughout the week to keep the football fans engaged. Based on the volume of their games, and later playoff series, hockey, baseball, and basketball failed to function as a weekend only events.

People are usually home on weeknights. It is much easier for a fight fan to call a neighbour over for a beer and a brawl at a reasonable start time on a Wednesday. Today, boxing has been approached in many new ways which means that people have started thinking outside the box.

With Showtime returning soon and Fox investing in the sport, Saturdays just don’t seem to be enough.

The day is approaching very soon where one will find four to five good fights at the same time on the air. Meanwhile, happy watching!

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